29 August 2007

Bubba Kenobi and Darth Tinkerbell Drop By

First off, allow me to apologize for yesterday's lack of a blog post. I decided yesterday evening that I wanted to sleep rather than blog. So, there you have it. I was sacked out on the couch, J-man on my chest, Ty-man next to me, Revenge of the Nerds on the tube. All in all, a peaceful evening.

This past spring, Miss-Miss received some excellent Disney princess dress-up costumes from a great friend. She's finally big enough to wear them, so I broke them out of the upstairs closet and put them in a box in the play room. Immediately, Miss-Miss broke out the Tinkerbell costume. So, I put it on her and off she went, prancing through the kitchen, arm and hips just swinging! Suddenly, there was Bubba pointing to himself and saying, "Me! Me!"

Now, allow me to preface this. Bubba and Miss-Miss don't know the difference between boys and girls. I mean, they've noticed the obvious differences when they're taking their bath and point it out, but other than that, Bubba doesn't know that boys shouldn't wear barrettes with bows and Miss-Miss has no clue that those blue football overalls are for little boys. So, many mornings, in order to avoid a melt-down, Bubba gets to wear one of Miss-Miss's barrettes. It drives Ty-man crazy, but what are you going to do, right?

Anyway, back to the story. Bubba wanted a costume, too. He picked out the Princess Ariel dress. So there they are, my two kids, running around in Disney princess costumes and I'm on the phone, laughing hysterically, to Ty-man, my mother, and Kristi. Poor Ty-man was just defeated, my mother screamed, "Take a picture!" and Kristi calmly suggested getting some little boy costumes.

At that moment, I remembered some Star Wars hand-me-downs from JB. They're a bit too big, but safety pins could fix that. Suddenly, "Prince" Ariel became Bubba-Kenobi, Jedi Master! While he was enjoying his new-found identity, here came Tinkerbell saying, "Me! Me!" and holding up Darth Vader's cape. Suddenly, Tinkerbell found herself a dark lord of the Sith, transformed into Darth Tink. All I can say is that somewhere, Walt Disney's head was spinning in its cryogenic tank.

Anyway, my son may be a drag queen and my daughter may be a Sith lord, but at least they're having fun! (Yeah, I know, Bubba will kill me one day for taking the Ariel pictures, but I can't help it! He'll live!)


Vonda said...

Oh Heather, these pixs are precious!!! Ian has got to see this...he'll be so proud of the Star Wars costumes. Can't wait to see y'all soon. Love ya -V

anthonyandbeth said...

Heather, the kids are so precious!!! I love the costumes and completely understand the dilemma...they all just want to be included and if everyone in the house is in a princess dress, why shouldn't everyone be able to where one! :) So cute! I know Vonda and Ian can't wait to see you all. Ella Rose is going to have a blast with your three! :)