13 August 2007

In the beginning....

... there was a blog, and the blog was OK, but hopefully to become better with practice. I began my life as a computer-user in 1991 with the use of WordPerfect 5.0. (Well, OK, I actually started my love-hate computer relationship with a Commodore 64 back on February 6, 1984. Wish I still had that piece of junk!) Later, I discovered Windows 3.11, then e-mail, then the Internet. Pretty soon the Ty-man (loving husband) established a Web site for our family. Now, seven years after our site went on-line, I find myself trying out... wait for it, here it comes... a personal blog. Duck and cover, people!

I knew this ill-fated venture was doomed when my first choice for a blog name, "Random Chaos" was taken. Bastard! Then, I tried "Dark Matter." That, too, was stolen out from under me. The choice of a blog name was becoming more difficult than creating the blog itself and finding something to say. Then, I remembered a recent showing of Coal Miner's Daughter on HBO. Damn, I love that Loretta Lynn. That is what inspired me to use the "Coal Miner's Grand-daughter" tag line. I am the proud grand-daughter of Frank, a humble coal miner from Kingston, WV.

I hope to keep this blog updated with random thoughts, pictures, and rants. Basically, I'll fill these pages with the chaos that is my life and my brain. Sure, go ahead, add your comments and tell me how great this is, how much it sucks, that I'm yet another idiot for posting my life on the World Wide Web for just any old nut to see. In the immortal words of Olly, "Yeah, WHATEVER!" I'm just doing this to stay sane and hope it gives friends and family (and the odd stranger who stumbles by) an insight into my inner workings.

So, hang on to your helmets and enjoy the ride!


Unknown said...

Oh holy sweet mary mother of jeebus! Say it ain't so. And what is this not fitting in BS?! You klazy.

Blog on sister...just one of the many reasons why I love ya. I can't wait to see what's next.

So "The Blog of a Coal Miner's Grand-daughter?" What? Was "Biatch Banter" taken? :-) Oh, wait, maybe that should be my blog name.

JB said...

Oh you wicked, wicked woman. You know that this is just too good for me to resist.
How can I possibly see you have a blog and not respond? Inconceivable!

Hmmmm. Where to start? How about… and I quote. “I'm just doing this to stay sane and hope it gives friends and family (and the odd stranger who stumbles by) an insight into my inner workings.”
OK stalker bait. (the odd stranger who stumbles by) First of all. Let’s not use your last name on this thing. For me… please. C’mon think like a criminal, a psycho, a complete nut job. Yes I realize that I am better at that than you are, a fact that you should take as a compliment but work with me. If you must post gray laundry matter for the world to see lets not use the last name.

OK. Next. “I'm just doing this to stay sane” this is the one that really scares me. This implies that you actually are sane at this moment in time, which you’re clearly not. Smarter yes. Sane no. This too you should take as a compliment. You’re as nutty as the rest of us, and I’m talking the Sunday dinner us. (See you know what I’m talking about here but the, how did you put it? “the odd stranger who stumbles by” the wacky stalker that is reading this now trying to figure out how to locate you has no idea what I’m talking about.) There. See how that works?

I’ve never actually met a sane person. Our proverbial trees are all full of nuts. So the first step in becoming sane is realizing that your not. It’s when you think that you’re sane and the world is crazy that you’ll snap like a piece of five pound line with one hundred pounds of nuts hanging from it.

And now I shall close with a quote from one of your favorites.
“Never swim headfirst through class five rapids, and never take a leak up stream while you’re standing in the river.” Thomas Jefferson… or maybe Bear Grills… Aw hell. I made that up.

Vonda said...

Yeah Heather, I'm so glad you started a blog!!! We miss you girl! Love ya -V