16 October 2007

I Am the Law!

(OK, before you begin reading this post, you must read the above title out loud, pronouncing it with a Sylvester Stallone/Judge Dredd accent. Done? Read on.)

Ah, the joys of telephone numbers. I was just quietly feeding J-man (as quiet as twin two-year-olds can be when fighting over a Nemo toy) when the phone rang. The caller ID listed the number as USA Nails. Hmmmm, why is a nail place calling me? Did Ty-man schedule a surprise manicure for me? Awwwww, how sweet.

Yeah, whateva.

Think really thick, practically unintelligible Chinese accent.

"Ah, yes, this USA Nail on highway 9-2. I am looking back of store, where man is. Water coming out everywhere."


Oh, yeah, right. We are so very lucky to have a phone number that is one digit off from the local police department's number. Joy.

"I'm sorry. I think you need the police department. This is a private residence."

As I'm hanging up, I hear, "Oh. OK. Water is..."


No manicure for me, but the poor confused Chinese lady probably has a flooded manicure table.


Unknown said...

I think that would be better in Cartman's voice. "I am the law. Respect my authoritaaaayy!"

Not Afraid to Use It said...

My parents live near 92, but my mom gets her nails done somewhere else. Otherwise I would have her investigate for you! LOL