29 October 2007

Like It?

So, whaddaya think? You like the new look? Pretty cool, huh? I'm diggin' it. Mia, over at The Blog Cafe, is a queen, a princess, a goddess among blog designers. Well, OK, maybe I'm overdoing it. But, she is definitely one cool chick. Anyhoo, she took my ideas, my pictures, and my changes in font choice (hey, woman's prerogative), and came up with the beautiful purple, black, and white ode to Grandpa Scarbro (that handsome guitar-playing guy on the left side of my banner) and to my twisted brain.

So, look around, check out my new link on the right, 100 Things, in which I ramble on regarding those 100 things (or really, 101) my readers should know about me. Or, the 100 things you all may end up wishing you didn't know.


Vonda said...

Oh wow Heather, you're getting all high-fallutin on us...new design, new colors, new pixs...I'm impressed. Love love love that pix of you sitting on the stairs with your pony tail. How old were you??? Miss ya bunches. -V

Unknown said...

Preeeety purrrrple. LOVE the new design. Catholic schoolgirl. Rrrrrrr.