01 October 2007

The Random Crap in My Brain

Why am I always down on myself when it comes to my intelligence and my physical appearance? Why can't I accept that I'm an intelligent/not ugly person?

What was the point of spending four years of my life and $16,000 of my money (in early 1990s dollars) on a college education when all I was going to do was be a wife/mom sans career?

Why do I fear death yet find myself fascinated with headstones and mortuary science?

Why do I remember my most embarrassing moments from so many years ago (sometimes 20), moments that no one else present even recalls? Why do those moments mean so much to me and haunt me?

What's up with our country? Why can't politicians work for the good of their constituents rather than for the good of their donors?

Why can't someone develop a telephone that, when a button is pressed, sends an electrical shock down the line to the telemarketer at the other end?

Why do people lose IQ points when they get behind the wheel of large SUVs?

Why are French manicures so popular with women today? Even for pedicures? Why do I think this type of manicure looks trashy?

Is it bad that I have 22-year-old band trophies on my office shelves? What kind of message does that convey about me? Should I care about said message?

Why do I always make things more difficult than they truly are?

Why do I annoy people? Is it that people don't get me? I remember at the age of 12 that my 6th grade teacher didn't like me. I think kids have a sixth sense we all lose as we get older, a sense about people and I know she didn't like me. How could a precocious 12-year-old get on an educator's nerves? Why didn't she like me? Why should this matter to me 23 years later?

Why can't I get to bed before midnight?

Why isn't anyone commenting on my blogs? After two months, am I boring?

This is my brain. Welcome to it.

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Unknown said...

I have the answers to all of your questions...