04 November 2007

My Friday

Sorry about not posting yesterday. Post-Halloween recovery as well as partaking of the Roswell Ghost Tour. Gettin' my paranormal on!

Friday began like any other day. Breakfast, shower, kissing Ty-man 'bye as he heads off to work, playtime, lunches, naps, laundry, washing dishes, more playtime, time for Ty-man to return in time for dinner. It was a rather calm, uneventful day.

All was quiet. Bubba and Miss-Miss were playing in the kitchen with the bread drawer (hey, bread gets squished, but they're happy, so let 'em at it!), J-man is chilling in his gymini, handyman Keith is repairing our gutters. Excellent! I can make a phone call to Not Afraid To Use It who is flying to Georgia for a family visit and wants to hook up later in the week. Cue release of "chaos-producing kid hormone."

While I'm on the phone (this, by the way, is the first time we've spoken to one another outside of e-mails; first impressions are important), J-man begins to fuss. So, I pick him up and jiggle him while talking. We're getting to the end of our conversation and the doorbell rings. Handyman needs information. I ask him to wait because I'm on a long-distance call. About this time, Bubba slams his finger in the bread drawer, causing a screaming freak-out in the ear not being occupied by the phone. Joy. I quickly cut off from my blogging buddy with promises to talk when she gets into town. I calm Bubba down (all while still holding J-man) and realize I need to go to the bathroom, yesterday, numbers 1 and 2. So, off I go, with J-man, into the 1/2 bath. This bath has no carpet, so I can't set him down. I somehow manage to get the pants pulled down with one hand, do my business with J-man on my lap, and get the pants back up, and hands washed. Talent, I tell you. While doing all of this the doorbell rings again and the phone rings. I run outside to talk to the handyman, letting the phone go to voice mail (friggin' telemarketers) and I see Ty-man pull up. I turn the handyman over to him. Upon returning inside, J-man has had it and the twins are starving.

And people wonder why animals in the wild eat their young. Well, and their handymen, too.


Unknown said...

How cool that you might get to meet NATUI! I've tripped over to her blog from yours a few times and judging by some of the posts I read, you'll be like a breath of fresh air...a great, TRUE friend. And yes, that's all I took from that post. As far as all the whining about motherhood, well, you asked for it! :-) Teehee. I just couldn't resist.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

You made a GREAT first impression! No worries about that my dear! I know what you mean, though. I kinda feel like I am going on a blind date! LOL I can't wait!