01 November 2007

Oh, It's a Proud, Proud Day!

For quite some time now (well, since the day the twins were born, it seems) Ty-man and I have been trying to teach the kids to ask for help rather than to cry and wail. Each time a toy is stolen, every time a door needs to be opened, whenever a frustrated meltdown occurs, we tell the kids, "Don't cry! Just come over to Mama/Papa/Nana/Grandmama/Grandpapa/etc. and ask for our help. Just say, 'Mama! Help!' and I'll help you!" Slowly, but surely, the message has been getting through. In the last six months, they've finally caught on. Bubba steals a toy from Miss-Miss, she runs over, "Mama, hep!" If Bubba wants something from the kitchen counter, over he comes, "Mama! Hep!" and leads me by the hand to the kitchen. This is great. But, they were still waking up in the middle of the night/morning, screaming and crying. Finally, this morning, a break-through!

J-man cried out at 7AM and I was not ready to feed him. So, I picked him up and brought him in bed with me, knowing I could buy an extra hour of sleep (Ty-man out of town for three nights and a rockin' Halloween have left me, well, exhausted, people!). About 30 minutes later, I hear on the twins' monitor, a plaintive Miss-Miss cry, "Papa! Papa! Hep! Hep!"

I elbowed the Ty-man, and stated in a volume loud enough to carry over his CPAP machine, "Ty. It's Miss-Miss. She's calling out for you. Take care of it!"

Yes, the payoff is sweet! This, as much as hearing her say, "I love you, too, Mama!" just made my year!


Oh, and? Ms. Not Afraid To Use It has meme'd me again! This is a simple one, though. I simply have to post a screen capture of my desktop. So, here 'tis!

Yes, I got a kick out of this summer's blockbuster movie Transformers and the above air freshener hanging from Bumblebee's rear view mirror. So, this is the personality of my MacBook. She. Is. Bee-otch. Don't cross her or she'll lose all your stuff!


The Ferryman said...

Shouldn't the kids be able to fend for themselves by now? Sheesh!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Oh my god I remember the tears of sheer BLISS when LittleBird finally understood if she said "Help" that I would walk over there. CONGRATS on your break through! You are on your way!!!