01 December 2007

National Lampoon's Florida Vacation

Yep, that's right my minions! I'm outta here! Ty-man and I are headed to Florida for a much-needed, well-deserved, cheap-as-hell vacation and we're leaving the kids with Grandmama. We're staying at Aunt Bab's house (free), cousin K is getting us discounted tickets and one free pass for three days at Disney ('cause she's a slave to The Mouse), and we're driving to Titusville on the 6th for a possible, hopeful, probably-not-gonna-to-happen-'cause-NASA-
can't-get-its-shit-together-since-they-received-gigantic-budget-cuts, shuttle launch. Then, on our way home, as long as he's over his crud, we'll be hooking up with Mr. and Mrs. Fab for lunch and mayhem. Can't wait!

The updating of the blog may be spotty, as will the checking of e-mail. So, I'll post when I can or if I feel like it. Hell, it's my vacation. I'll do what I want! Otherwise, I'll see you scurvy dogs next weekend.



Avitable said...

Can't believe you didn't tell me you were coming here to Orlando!

B said...

The green-eyed monster has struck! I"m so envious of you (not really) getting to take a vacation, and right in the middle of the holiday season at that!!! You're sooooo lucky! But I hope you have a great time with just you and your hubby. After you've had a kid attached to your chest for the last however many months he is old, you deserve a break! Enjoy!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Ahhhh! You lucky lucky bitch!! You'd BETTER come back with a helluva tan! There's no point in going to FL if you don't have one to flaunt to everyone when you get back!!

And I SO hope you get to see a launch. That is on my to-do list. I have seen a landing, now I need to see a launch! Take pictures, woman!

The Ferryman said...

Scurvy. Maybe that's what I've got...

Unknown said...

Ack! I'm SOOOO jealous!!!

Have lots of fun, though!