03 December 2007

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Rafiki!

Well, our first vacation day whipped some serious ass. Whew. Up at the crack of dawn to get to the Magic Kingdom at the same time as cousin K reports to work. Ty-man and I walked around the park in absolute awe of those parents with kids the same age as ours, in just the wussy December 80-degree heat that is Orlando, dealing with the "I'm tired!" or "I'm hungry!" or "I want that princess crown!" or "I don't want to go into the stroller!" melt-downs. All we could think was, "There but for the grace of God goes... those guys!" Yeah, we'll be waiting for another four years, when the twins are six and J-man is about four. Then, maybe we can handle it... if we take a grandparent with us so that it's one adult per child. Oooooo, we are such wusses!

But, on a lighter note, cousin K got us in for free. See, she's a character-actor. Today, her job was to charm the pants off those kids who are Lion King fans and who love Rafiki (the baboon medicine man on the right). We made sure to see her during her first shift and give her plenty of hugs, without letting on that it's our cousin in there. We were so proud to see her signing autographs and making the kids' day.

In addition to Rafiki and Timone, we saw Snow White (dragging poor Dopey around), Woody and gang. The guy that plays Woody has to be about six feet tall (at least) just to fit into the costume. Now, I want to ask my male readers a question. Is it emasculating for a guy to admit that he played Woody at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World? Just wondering.

Oh, and? Three bride and groom couples were spotted today, one couple who actually got married this afternoon and had their family dinner/reception at the Polynesian resort. Now, the other two couples, wandering the park in their special veil and top hat Mickey ears, were two of the most interesting couples I had ever seen. Within both couples, the groom was a tall, lanky fellow, while the bride was a very, shall we say, well-fed lass. I thought maybe we should get the four of them together.

Anyhoo, time to crash. Watching all those frustrated, tired parents wore me out!


The Ferryman said...

Listen, when we meet up on Saturday, you guys better not show up wearing mouse ears or anything...

Avitable said...

I think you should totally wear mouse ears and bring tons of Disney paraphernalia when you meet with Fab. In reality, he loves Disney!

B said...

Glad to hear you seem to be having a good time so far. And, for the record, you're not wussies for being happy you don't have your kids there. At their ages, they wouldn't have a good time and neither would you, then you might have to just kill them and tell God they died! lol Anyhow, enjoy the rest of your week and your time alone with hubby!

Military Mom said...

That would be the best thing in the world! To go to Disney without the kids? Awesome! Your my hero.