08 January 2008

Down Elementary Memory Lane

Congrats to Military Mom who guessed correctly! In the second Montessori picture, the girl's picture next to mine is that of a 4-year-old Jennifer Garner (as in the actress). Seriously!

OK. Enough of that. On to elementary school. The first three years, I attended an elementary school that no longer exists (just a church parking lot). The school didn't have yearbooks and my grades 1 through 3 pictures are buried somewhere amongst my mom's things in her apartment. After third grade, my parents transferred me to a different elementary - better teachers and atmosphere. So, I present to you, grades 4 through 6. Please, keep the snickering to a minimum:

4th Grade - Mrs. Spradling

Oh, yeah. Bottom row, smack in the middle. That's me. HORRIFYING! The chick next to me? Wendy. She eventually went to West Point. The kid on the second row, first picture, was Praveen. I stood up for him when some of the other boys picked on him and I gained my elementary school best friend. We lost touch in junior high (different schools) but he was the coolest kid.

Here we go. 5th Grade - Mrs. Garska

Check me out. Third row, middle. Nice little orphan Annie hair. Sheesh. MOM! Why did you let me do that?!?! My other elementary best friend was Megan. She's diagonally above me, to the right. She was so cool, she gave my mom a Tom Selleck poster.

And finally, 6th Grade - Mrs. Bonnet

Yeah. Bottom row, far left. Really, you can stop laughing now. Gad. Were we all so awkward?

OK, now that I've completely amused you all (and no, no famous people in these pictures - that I know of) take your guffawing elsewhere!


MochaMamaX2 said...

Wow! It is just tooooo spooky seeing those pictures!!! I also can't believe how narrowly we missed meeting before high school! Even though you went to a South Charleston elementary school, you must have gone to Spring Hill Junior High (since I was at South Charleston). Spooky!!! Does that make you feel as old as it does me?? Thanks, Heather. Sheesh.

Unknown said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! To answer your question, no, we were not all so awkward.

Avitable said...

I think you should go back to the Orphan Annie look and see how it suits you now.


RiverPoet said...

Hey, we were all cute then awkward then cute again ;-)

Thanks for sharing these blasts from the pasts. What a great idea!!!

Peace - D

Unknown said...

So, is your hair naturally curly?

If we weren't ALL awkward, MOST of us were... Since I can't prove to Teri that we were ALL awkward, that will have to be my statement. :)

Keep it coming! This is so much fun!

Anonymous said...

How fun! yer so cute.

Time to vote at TGQDC!