15 January 2008

High School Part 2

So, OK, I finally made it to 12th grade, 1989-1990. Big hair scare music and big hair scare on top of my head. Ready?

Oh. My. Yes. Just take a few moments. Let it sink in. The bangs. The hair. All of it.

Frightening, wasn't it? Shudder.

My parents actually entertained buying stock in Aqua Net.

Here's another fun picture:

Directly quoting from the yearbook, A great place to eat lunch, according to Matt, is the "cheapest place, usually Taco Bell." Future plans for Keri include "College, marriage, kids, and lots of money!" Pat wishes to be remembered for his "sexy body" but admits "That's pushing it a little." Heather's future plans and goals include "a doctorate in physics and someday work for NASA as an astronaut."

Well, I'm two degrees short of a physics Ph.D. and I've been on a tour of the NASA facilities in Florida, but that's about it. Ah... teenage dreams!

Did I mention I was the drum major?

And that my best friend was Denise?

And that if I published this other picture of her, she will most likely put a hit on me, drive east, and take away my rhythm?

Whoops! Looks like you're just going to have to get yourself to Georgia, hon! I'm waitin'!

Senior year made up for the rotten-ness of the other two years but, I must admit, the last week of my senior year just about canceled out all the good. You see, this was Mark.

Mark was a great guy - a sweet someone who made me laugh constantly. During one of my worst days in 11th grade, he carried my books to his car and insisted he drive me home because I, "was in no condition to deal with the idiots on the bus" and he didn't want the kids on the bus to "see me in such a state." My knight in shining armor. He took his life four days before graduation and I still miss him to this day.

Thanks everybody for sharing this trip down memory lane! Tomorrow, it's back to business as usual.


The Ferryman said...

Memories...like the corners of my mind...

Miss Britt said...

Dude, none of the pictures loaded for me!! ARghhhh, I feel so robbed.

Avitable said...

Your hair added a foot and a half to your height, didn't it?

Miss Britt said...

I have seen enough 80's movies to know...

That hair was HOT!!

That Chick Over There said...

Oh! The crispy bangs!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Fab - Although my corners are covered in cobwebs...

Avitable - Basically. Without the hair I'm 5'6". With? Well, let's just say Shaquille O'Neal's got nothin' on me!

Britt - Not just HOT but HAWT!

That Chick - And they stayed crunchy in milk!

Gypsy said...

Ah, the dreams of youth. Before reality and gravity set in. I was meant to be a globe-trotting writer of romance novels with a stable of swarthy men to satisfy my every need.


Unknown said...

With a cape and all! :) Big bangs, big cape - you had it made!

This was a fun little excursion through your life. Thanks for inviting us along for the ride!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I am sorry about your friend. I am going to talk and talk and talk to my kid that there IS life after high school. Lots and lots of it. High school is only four years. Just hang in there. I wish someone had told me that. I got the whole "These are the best days of your life" routine. I thought if THIS is as good as it gets, that means I have NOTHING to look forward to? Shit on that!

RiverPoet said...

Heather, this was just the coolest little trip! Thank you for sharing a virtual reunion sit-down with us all.

So are you naturally curly and flat iron it now? Or are you naturally straight and permed it then? I have curly hair and every now and then I come into fashion. :-)

On another note, you must be my husband's long-lost twin. He had exactly the same dream as you, and now he is pursuing that elusive college degree in middle age and is a check ride away from his private pilot's license. He's hoping to work for NASA someday. I beat him to that, working on network security for them at their HQ office for a year before I got so sick of the commute!

Peace - D

Unknown said...

Oh the glory of the bangs!!

MochaMamaX2 said...

Only a true friend would stand by me during my Sally-Jessy-Raphael-on-Soul-Glow phase. Horrors! Did we REALLY look like that?? My notice to all blog readers: I have unseen candids of Heather with an Emo Phillips hairdo and I'm NOT afraid to use them! :-)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Gypsy - Yes, alas.

Andrea - You're welcome!

NATUI - Mark was always troubled. The day he shot himself, he toured Marshall University and I spoke to him. He seemed really upbeat. From what I understand, he had an argument with his dad and that did it. So sad.

Momma - Oh, hon, my hair is straight as a pin! No curls here! That hair was achieved with mousse and spray!

Teri - Bangs were the bomb!

Denise - Bring it on, girlfriend! :-)