16 January 2008


Silent snow,
still and cold.
Will you stick to the ground below?
Sweet child of mine,
eyes bright and wide.
Do you see what is outside?
"It's 'No! 'No!"
you loudly proclaim-
as large flakes land on your gloves.
Your hair, nose, shoulders,
even your tongue,
moistened by the white from above!
They revel in wonder,
twirling through flakes.
and laughing with glee,
as Mama takes a taste!


B said...

O, I am so envious of your snow! For the past week, now, we've been in the high 70's here in good ole' sunny So. Cal. I would luhhhvvv to live where there are actually four seasons in a year.
Hey, I enjoyed your trip down Memory Lane and chuckled to myself at some of your photos. See, I remember my school photos, and believe me, they are a lot hokier than yours, seeing as how I'm close to 30 years older than you! lol Anyway, it was fun seeing the pics and reading your fun comments about your school days!

Unknown said...

Great poem, biatch!!

I kept looking at my snow covered palm trees wanting to take some pictures to document the contradiction. But alas, no camera, no pictures.

Cricky said...

Oh how lucky you are. We have had horrible rain, freezing cold tempratures, and not one drop of snow. I guess that's what I get for living in Florida.

Avitable said...

I'm in my underwear with the windows open. Hah!

Unknown said...

I guess that's better than being in the windows with your underwear open.

Avitable said...

Well, I'm that, too.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

B - Oh, see, I looooove winter and fall and, unfortunately, winter just isn't long enough in Georgia for this hillbilly's tastes. 30 days of cold is tooooo short!

Teri - Beeotch! Is this a hint? Do I need to get you a camera for your b-day? Hmmmm?

Just a Girl - Sorry, hon. Usually winter in GA consists of freezing rain. This was a fluke. Which means all the bread and milk was bought out of every grocery store in the state!

Avitable - That was a mental picture I didn't need!

Teri & Avitable - Do I need to break you two up? Separate corners, people!

Avitable said...

Oh, you totally need that mental picture. Who are you kidding?


Not Afraid to Use It said...

It took my mom two hours to get home from Midtown last night bc people just couldn't drive in "all that snow". LOL Gotta love Atlanta! Glad the bubs had such a good time.

Unknown said...

Um, were you tasting the snow or your kids? :D

We just had cold and wet, but none of the snow promised earlier in the week. Which is probably a good thing since Memphis practically shuts down from the snow, too.

Military Mom said...

My sister in Covington called to tell me about the snow last night, she is loving it too! It's snowing here today-sideways. No lie.

Anonymous said...

Loved the poem, pictures, but of course most of all the babies!!



P.S. It is "noing" up here also.

RiverPoet said...

Ha! That's snow?

Just kidding, but we seriously got about 6" in my neck of the woods...and that was before the additional 2" they are predicting for tonight...and more on Saturday. I know that lots of people deal with lots more snow than I do, but this is more than I can handle! Glad I have my guys to take care of everything on the exterior. Otherwise, Momma would be screwed.

Love that you turned the experience into a poem...Peace - D

The Ferryman said...

In the last photo the baby looks terrified. Did you kidnap it?