19 February 2008

Dialog, Part 4

Me, on the phone with Checkers, a cheap and oh-so-good burger joint: Yes, I'd like to lodge a complaint.

Checkers employee-girl who makes minimum wage and has no responsibility, which means she gets paid more than me and does far less, but I'm not bitter: Yeah, OK. (The disinterest just drips from her voice.)

Me: My husband was just there and ordered two, number two Champ burgers and you gave him two fish sandwiches.

Checkers employee-girl... screw it. CEGWMMWAHNRWMSGPMTMADFLBINB: So?

Me: I'm allergic to fish.*


Me: Yeah. We live too far away to come back to correct the order, but I thought you should know.

CEGWMMWAHNRWMSGPMTMADFLBINB: Oh, wow! I'll tell the manager right away! Is there anything...


*Actually, I'm not, but since we live six miles away from the place, obviously Ty-man was not going to make another 12-mile round trip just to get two burgers he should have received in the first place. So, he went to Burger King and instead of our money back, we got some good old-fashioned guilt instead!


Anonymous said...

No shit, there I was...

I pull the guilt trip with fast food places constantly! I always ask for no onions and without fail...onions. So I take a bite of one of the burgers, put on a look of horror and go up to the counter to complain. When they ask what the big deal is, I tell them that I am allergic, and I try to drool as I am saying it.

I get new burgers and the satisfaction of knowing someone is going home thinking they almost killed me.

Good to read your blog chickie..

Dad To Tree Faerie (DTTF)

Military Mom said...

I always joke to Wonderdad that all the restaurants in town have a picture of him in the back, and orders not to serve him. I don't think he has ever gotten a correct order and not had to complain! It's like a vendetta with him, he has to find something wrong! I am not one to complian, but I know I can count on him to heap on the guilt for me!

Unknown said...

Sadly, DTTF is telling the truth. Sometimes it's funny, but when my sugar is low, it's not so funny. And MM, I think DTTF's picture is posted in the local joints, too. :) He just said from his side of the room after reading this comment, "Sounds like me and Wonderdad have a lot in common!"

(And yay! See, I'm commenting! From home, but it still counts)

Avitable said...

I love Checkers!

The Ferryman said...

Those spicy Checkers fries are DAMN tasty!

Unknown said...

They SCREW you at the drive through! Hopefully they didn't mess up with the fries too.

Cricky said...

omg Checkers fries are the best stuff ever.

I like to get mad and pissy with drive thru employees. I live in a one stoplight town, it makes me happy.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

DTTF - Hey, big guy! Glad we are of a like mind! :-)

Military Mom - Dude, Wonderdad, DTTF, and I need to get together as a "Citizens' Action Group Against Stupid Drive-Thru Workers"

Andrea - You made it! Stupid computers... Like I said, we all need to get together and plunder drive-thrus!

Avitable - Checkers does rawk!

Fab - The fries do kick serious ass.

Teri - Nope, the fries were delicious!

Just a Girl - Hey, whatever gives us entertainment... it's a good thing!

Gypsy said...

They definitely do screw you at the drive through. I try to check before I leave the lot. At least you got some burgery goodness elsewhere.

Miss Britt said...

Guilt is priceless.

HEATHER said...

Honey, go to planetfeedback.com
It is free to join and you can lodge a complaint and it is sent to the correct person at the chain's HQ.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I am so glad to be back in the land of the Champ Burger!! I am actually more of a Spicy Chicken Sandwich girl, truth be told.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Gypsy - No doubt! Turns out, with all the checking you have to do, it's faster to go inside than use the drive thru.

Miss Britt - Guilt rocks!

Other Heather - I will make a note of it, thanks!

NATUI - Honey, I get all the chicken I need at Chick-Fil-A!