12 February 2008

Juices Ain't Flowin'

I got nothin'.


Lately, I haven't been sleeping well. I mean, let's face it, I haven't had a decent night's sleep since the second trimester of my first pregnancy. That would put my last solid 8 hours around spring, 2005.

I'm a rather bitchy, grumpy lady these days. Four to five hours a night does not a happy, or productive, or creative, Heather make.

I haven't played my dulcimer. Or cross-stitched. Or scrap-booked. Or smiled. Or been pleasant. Or... anything.

I hope to get some minor relief tonight in the form of Our Lady of the Blessed Ambien.

Maybe after that, the laughs will come back, the smiles, the creativity, the drive to live my life.

But, right now? All I can think about is my pillow and my Tempur-Pedic.

Oh, and? So that I can still bring you some giggle without it being an original thought from me, this is one of my favorite commercials... ever. Makes me laugh every time.


david mcmahon said...

I hope sleep finds you. Don't worry, everyone has days like that.

A good night's sleep brings comfort on many levels.

God bless


RiverPoet said...

Love the commercial! I've never seen that one before, but I have to share it with the Trekkies in my life.

I know all about not sleeping. I'm beginning to think I'll never have a full night's sleep again. Note that it is currently 4:18 EST as I write this. I went to be early, knowing somehow that it would screw with my wake-up time. My back can only take so many hours in the bed.

I hope that Our Lady of the Blessed Ambien smiles on you and throws some sleep dust in your eyes (ooh, that sounds a little scratchy...maybe some sleep drops?)

Peace - D

Mrs. Booms said...

So we are in the same bitch boat. Awesome.

Gypsy said...

Sleep has been a stranger to me, too, but I don't have little ones to blame it on. Unless you count four dogs, but they slept just fine.

Unknown said...

You actually have a Tempur-Pedic? Are they as awesome as the comercials proclaim?

Hope you get to enjoy sleep soon. Looks like I still have a couple of years before that happens...

Anonymous said...

I still think you are funny. And sexy. And geeky.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

David - Thanks, hon!

Momma - Yeah, I'll be dosing with the Ambien tonight. I'll keep you posted!

Shar - As long as it doesn't sink, I think we'll be OK!

Gypsy - Dogs can be like kids, although I think they behave much better!

Andrea - Oh, yeah! Tempur-Pedic beds kick ass!

Fab - Thanks, sweetie!

Avitable said...

Is "playing with my dulcimer" a euphemism for something?

Avitable said...

Well, that doesn't sound fun.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Avitable - Sounds fun for me and Britt! :-) Poor thing, you can never catch a break, can you?