07 March 2008

Faster than a speeding bullet...

So, let me tell you a little story about my geekiness. As if you didn't have enough evidence, here's more...

Like every other high schooler, I took a typing class. It didn't really fit in my geek schedule of calculus, physics, or philosophy, but I took it anyway. I figured I needed to know how to type up those gigantic college papers and labs in a couple of years. Might as well.

Well, Ms. Shaver was my teacher and she was quite the quirky lady. She, for some inexplicable, in her 50s, still single, nutty as a fruitcake reason, crowned herself "Groundhog Day Queen." Every February 2nd, she would show up at school in a crown and sash, announcing her station. It was... weird. She, as my mom would say, was an odd duck.

Turns out Ms. Shaver was good for me. She nurtured my latent ability and I found out that I was a geek typist. Who'd have thunk? I was pretty quick and sucked up to her so much (so I called her "Your Majesty" a few times - bite me), I got to use the special, newer-model IBM, electronic typewriter, in the front corner of the room.

Well, la-dee-friggin'-da.

Yeah, I was much-hated.

But? In college? I not only got my papers typed and quickly, I typed up others' papers for cold. Hard. Cash.

And today? I'm faster than I thought. I even surprised myself with this test I found through blog buddy B'z Place.

75 words


So, there you go. A blog about nothing. I should be Jerry Seinfeld's side-kick. Go take the friggin' test. Waste three minutes. You know you want to.

Oh, and? Fab is sick. Like his flu shot was a waste of time and he's laying in bed, whining, wanting somebody to drive down to Florida and waste his worthless butt kind of sick.

So, stop by his pad, wish him well, tell him to free-base some chicken noodle soup. Or drive down there and put him out of his misery. Whatever. Just get him to stop whining, 'kay? Thanks.


Avitable said...

Have you seen the geek keyboard that is completely black, makes a nice satisfying click with each button press, and all of the buttons are blank?


Anonymous said...

I hit 75 too. That was fun. I did the same thing in high school and college and I still enjoy being a good typer. I will never EVER call myself a good typist, lest I intentionally cut my salary in half.

Thanks for the link. I'll do this more than the dolphin olympics.

(just between you and me, where do you and spacecamp boy live anyway?)

highlander1463 said...

I, as a fellow geek, hate to say that I am a terrible typist (28 words a minute). But, I have always contemplated the design of a one finger keyboard. I think it would be kind of Star Treky to have something like that. It might makes things a little easier for Dr Hawking as well.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Avitable - I e-mailed you, so you know what's up with this. You. Rawk.

FRT - Aw, yeah! I, too, enjoy typing. It's nice knowing I can enter a post and enter it quickly.

Highlander - Hey, that's OK! You don't need to be a geek AND a good typist. You'll have to come up with concrete designs for this keyboard and share!