21 April 2008

Questions Round 1

First off, thanks Fab for the fun show! Had a great 60 minutes and can't wait for the next one! For those of you who missed it, you can check it out here.


It, seems I pissed off a couple of people yesterday with my lack of a spoiler alert when speaking of Friday's Battlestar Gallactica episode. First, allow me to apologize. It won't happen again. Second, I'm not Ain't It Cool and my thoughts? Don't include the words Spoiler Alert. Those two words were furthest from my mind when writing that post. There were lots of disturbing thoughts running through my head and worrying about spoilers didn't even cross my mind.

Whew. That felt better. Been stewin' on that one for a good 24 hours.

The first question comes from our dear Lori over at Serendipity and Rain. She asked this:

"O.K. I have a (probably lame) question.
The hubby and kids are gone for the night. You have the t.v. to yourself.
What's the first movie you go for?
The one only you can stand to watch 10,000 times?
(Besides Contact)
Hee Hee"

No question is ever lame! Contact is a fabulous movie and I do enjoy watching it, just not a lot. I like that movie to remain special, so I don't pop it in the 'ole DVD player all that much. The movie I could watch over and over again and never get tired of? Kill. Bill. Specifically, Kill Bill Vol. 1. I could watch the "Showdown at the House of Blue Leaves" scene over and over again. Another movie, so completely different from that one, that I can watch many times over is Return to Me. I know, I know, sappy love story, Fox Mulder, Minnie Driver, yadda, yadda.


Carroll O'Connor, in this movie, reminds me of my father. His stooped walk, his facial expressions, the way he sings Sinatra songs, it's like having my dad back for a couple of hours. It's a comfort movie and makes me happy.

There you have it! Thanks for asking Lori! I'll continue with more answers to your questions tomorrow!


The Ferryman said...

What? You're coming back for another show?

Miss Britt said...

Did you get hate mail over Battelstar Galactica?


Avitable said...

You know, geeks like us are supposed to have a built in "Spoiler Alert" button available for all situations. But I guess your mom identity took over for a while. You are forgiven.


RiverPoet said...

Oh. My. God. Someone gave you shit? Let me at 'em!

I never think about spoiler alerts either, mostly because I rarely have any information that other don't already have :-)

And you were not exactly on top of your game yesterday. I was a little worried about you, truth be told. I'm glad to hear you sounding a little more like your old self today, sweetie!

Peace - D

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Fab - Only if you'll have me, sweetie!

Britt - Oh, I know! Only I would get hate mail over a sci-fi TV show spoiler issue. Sheesh.

Avitable - I'm surprised when the Mom in me trumps the Geek. Bit disconcerting at times...

Momma - You're too sweet, hon! Sick 'em woman!

HEATHER said...

I LOVE Return to Me!

Lori said...

I never remember to use spoiler alerts. No matter if I'm writing or talking ... I just blurt it all out.
And I really love your two choices. Kill Bill 1 and 2 are two of my favorites. I love watching girls kick ass. If you ever get a chance to watch the documentary about Zoe Bell (Uma's stuntdouble) TiVo it and sit your butt down. Incredible!
And Return to Me is mushy and sweet and I love all the old guys in it - Robert Loggia and Carroll O'Connor crack me the heck up every time.

Liz Hill said...

LOL I never use spoiler alerts--I figure folks should know if I'm writing aout something it's all fair game.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Other Heather - Thank you! I knew there was someone else out there with the same taste in movie romance!

Lori - Ooooh, gotta check out the Zoe Bell doc. Thanks for the heads-up!

Turnbaby - Amen, sista!