03 May 2008

Recommended Meme!

So, it's Saturday. Saturday means half my brain shuts down and those I.Q. points take a two-day vacation. Pour vous? It means a Saturday meme courtesy of Momma. The rules? Answer the questions below with. Just. One. Word.

William Shatner would dig this.

Me? Being too verbose for one word? All have explanations. So sue me.

1. Where is your mobile phone? counter (Recharging.)

2. Your significant other? relaxed (As opposed to creating another spreadsheet. He's addicted.)

3. Your hair? boring (As opposed to kicky!)

4. Your mother? restless (She's a Red Hatter. I can't ever keep track of her!)

5. Your father? deceased (Sniff.)

6. Your favorite thing? quiet (a.k.a. kids are asleep)

7. Your dream last night? nothing (Should have caught me a few nights ago. Now that was a dream.)

8. Your favorite drink? coffee (And? Cosmos)

9. Your dream/goal? life (As in loooooooong.)

10. The room you’re in? comfortable (Family room. Large couch. Big TV.)

11. Your ex? nada (No ex-husband. Ex-boyfriend? I think he's in Alabama. Ish.)

12. Your fear? entropy (Heat-death of the universe. Scary shit.)

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Bonaire (Kickin' back. Diving everyday.)

14. Where were you last night? Greenwoods (Pig. Out.)

15. What you’re not? pretty (Nope. I'm not. Nowhere close. My physical classification is "doesn't scare children or the elderly.")

16. Muffins? breakfast (Lemon poppy seed)

17. One of your wish list items? peace (Like, everywhere. Everyone getting along with everyone else.)

18. Where you grew up? Appalachia (Picturing barefoot, dirty, underfed kids, aren't you? Me, too.)

19. The last thing you did? eat (BBQ)

20. What are you wearing? clothes (Duh.)

21. Your TV? Westinghouse (Thomas Edison's arch enemy! Damned alternating current bastards!)

22. Your pets? annoying (They're cats... what do you expect?)

23. Your computer? MacBook (All hail, Steve Jobs.)

24. Your life? sheltered (Like, never leaving the house sheltered.)

25. Your mood? tired (It's evening. Hello?)

26. Missing someone? Jennifer (cousin)

27. Your car? serviceable (It's a minivan! What the hell else am I supposed to say?)

28. Something you’re not wearing? socks (Bet you were wishing I'd typed bra. Perv.)

29. Favorite Store? Gap (Actually, it's Banana Republic, but that's two words.)

30. Your summer? boring (As opposed to European vacation. Yeah. Not me.)

31. Like someone? kids (Yeah. My kids are cool. I lurv them!)

32. Your favorite color? purple (Again, duh.)

33. When is the last time you laughed? yesterday (I haven't had coffee yet. I'll laugh today after that.)

34. Last time you cried? Thursday (I think I was watching Little House on the Prairie. SHUT UP!)


Cricky said...

I picture babies sleeping in chest of drawers and metal washboards....doesn't everyone?

RiverPoet said...

I found it incredibly difficult to stick to one word answers, but you found a creative way around that (cheater!)

Thanks for doing this. I thought it was a fun meme, particularly for those of us who are - uh - verbose!

Peace - D

The Ferryman said...

I am not in Alabama.

Oh, I thought you said future boyfriend.

Unknown said...

First LOL Cats, now Little House on the Prairie? The horror!

.:| Melissa.Mizladytaz |:. said...

One word, eh? Yea, right! That's difficult! For reals! I tried, just reading it, and failed miserably! LOL Still, I may have to go ahead and post one too! Yes, I'm bored!

I cry watching Little House, too. Hell, I cry at the freakin Publix commercials! GAH! I'm such a sap! It's that menopause stuff! Yep, that's it! *nods*

Oh, and purple is my favorite color too! ;0)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Just a Girl - That and living in cardboard boxes under bridges.

Momma - Honey, I'm all about the cheat! :-)

Fab - You're such a geek! :-)

Teri - Serious horror.

Melissa - I got the crying during Little House from my mom. Evil, evil woman!