04 June 2008


Dear Readers,
I love you all. Each and every day your comments and your blogs make me laugh and feel like I'm still part of the world. The world outside my leaded glass door, my suburban cul-de-sac, my life.

The last 24 hours have left me speechless and utterly helpless to change the train wreck that has occurred.

I can't explain to you, right now, what is happening. That is for later. What I can tell you is that physically, I'm fine.

Emotionally? I'm a wreck.

Ty-man is great. Bubba, Miss-Miss, and J-man are well, good, and wreaking havoc as per usual.

Me? I can't write. I can't emote. I can't find the creative energy to even type a halfway-amusing, coherent sentence.

Please, bear with me. I'll be back. Tomorrow? Thursday? Next Monday? Sooner rather than later? I don't know, but I will be back.

Just don't ask me for a date.

Love, Heather


HEATHER said...

I'll be praying for you!!

Miss Britt said...

God DAMN IT Heather. Do NOT let that take this from you.

I love you. And ooooooooh I am so freaking angry on your behalf.

RiverPoet said...

Uh-oh...I don't know what's going on (you can email me, if you want, of course), but I hope that things fall back into place soon. I love you, girl!

Meanwhile, you can always read other blogs and try to get some energy back.

Peace - D

The Ferryman said...

I don't know what is going on, but I hope you know you can count on me for anything you need.

And you've got my number if you need to vent.

Love you. We both do.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Heather, you're in my thoughts...I hope whatever it is works out and you are back soon. I know we've never actually met in person, but I really feel that we've formed a friendship over this crazy internet thing. Anything you need, just say the word.

I was relieved to see miss britt's comment about being angry...that's better than being sad and tells me that your family is at least well. We'll be patiently waiting for an update.

Liz Hill said...

We'll be here when you come back sugar.

Avitable said...

Don't let that pettiness stop you from being who you are online. You are awesome, and don't forget it!

Anonymous said...

It is not what happens to you, but how you let it effect you that matters. To that end, I suggest the famed "Mind over matter" approach: You don't mind, and it don't matter! Just a thought . . .

jayna said...

Go. Laugh with your kids, hang with your hubby, and forget about whatever this is.

And then, come back swinging - cause it sounds, from everyone's comments, like there's some ass out there that needs whooping.

You rock, and don't let anything drag you down!

Gypsy said...

Come back soon, please. I already miss you. And I hope whoever has thrown a monkey wrench in your life gets a monkey wrench right up their backside. {hugs}

Not Afraid To Use It said...

I can be at your place tonight if you need a little girl time. Or, if you are brave enough--haul on down here with the kids. I've got coffee brewing and the splash pool is full. Hugs and love, my dear.

Willie G said...

Although we've never met, I feel your total frustration with your situation. There is an inner calm and peace within us all. Here is my hope for you to find that time and place. Peace to you.

Anonymous said...

Whatever's going on, hang in there, and know we are ALL thinking of you!


Take care of yourself! Don't worry about us.

Donna said...

I'm glad you're finding a way to laugh through it all.

Sometimes enjoying the family you created helps ease many pains.

As you've heard already from so many, I'm just an e-mail away.