11 June 2008

Modern Technology Can Suck It

I am about to admit something not even my family knows.


I read 48 blogs.

There. I said it. Did putting it in a smaller font make that news easier to take?

Yes, in my blog subscription/RSS feed reader there are 48 blogs. Not all of these people/bloggers post everyday. But when they post, unless my life is crazy/hectic, I read them.

Until Bloglines decided to have a brain fart.

According to Bloglines, Avitable, The Dutch Files, Mom to the Fey, Narcoleptic, Ramble On, OK Where Was I?, Boobs Injuries and Dr. Pepper are all blogs that haven't been updated in the last seven days.

I call bullshit! I know for a fact that Adam Heath Avitable posts every single day. I think even if the apocalypse occurs in our lifetimes, cockroaches will roam the Earth and Avitable will still be posting. So, that made me suspicious and I started checking all those other blogs I like to read that I hadn't read in a while because Bloglines told me not to. Um, yeah.

So, Bloglines has been unceremoniously dumped and flipped-off for a more stable Google Reader. I apologize to those of you who have been ignored by me as of late. I didn't mean to do it. It was Bloglines' fault.

And? The dog ate my homework.


Liz Hill said...

I had Reader do something similar a couple of months ago. It's funny that you and I used Adam as our WTF is up blog LOL

I just checked ---both because you admitted your number and because I'm over 1000 unread posts ---and I have 118 subscriptions. I don't read everyone everyday--can't. But I like to keep up. I'll be hitting 'all read' here in a couple of days and start over.

RiverPoet said...

I thought something was very wrong with Bloglines lately. Often, I'll see a bunch of posts at once, only to find out it's 3 days worth. Last night, a lot of my blogs were showing hundreds of unread posts by me. BS! I don't think so!

This morning it seems to be back to normal, but really...WTF?

I'm going to hang in there with Bloglines just because it's familiar and I'm too busy to move my feeds. Hopefully they'll straighten all of this out soon!

Peace - D

Narcoleptic said...

You know it's funny that you mention this today, because apparently there is some problem with your feeds on my Google Reader which prevents me from subscribing to your blog. Which is why I haven't been able to read your stuff for quite a while.
Now I realise we are bitching about Bloglines here, but Google Reader acts funny as well.

Avitable said...

I made the move from Bloglines to Google Reader for the exact same reason, and I've had very few problems with it. Of course, I've now got over 400 blogs in my feedreader, so if there are some that are glitchy, I probably wouldn't even notice.

Miss Britt said...

156 subscriptions.

Cricky said...

I'm Old Skool Biznitch!

Hahaha, just wanted to say that today.

I just made a link list blog and click on them everyday. I can't get into a reader, even though it would probably allow me to be much more productive throughout the day.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Good to know. I will probably keep up with Bloglines for a bit for the same reason D mentioned. Plus, I am not at home. LOL I have my feeds categorized into "My Daily Fixes" and "If I Have the Time" as well as a few other categories. That way I read the ones I really HAVE to, and get to the others when I have more time to enjoy.

Gypsy said...

Um... I have 129 blogs in my reader. Help?

Anonymous said...

Want to make it 49? I've been reading you and others for quite a while and decided to give it a go myself. I just wrote my first post about an hour ago. If you take a peek, please forgive as I'm a new at this. All suggestions are welcome!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Turnbaby - Ha! Adam is our standard. Is that scary? And 1,000 unread posts? I'm honored you came by here with that much to read.

Momma - Yeah, something is crappy. Every now and then, I'll look and it would say "450 unread posts!" Yeah, everyone's posts would all be suddenly unread.

Narcoleptic - Hm, interesting. Don't you just love computers?

Avitable - 400... holy crap. When do you have time, man?!?

Britt - Damn. I wouldn't even have time to wipe me arse.

Cricky - Biznitch! Yeah! You are old school, hon, and I have much respect for that!

NATUI - That's why I love you, hon. Categorized. I just got the shivers.

Gypsy - No, considering Avitable has 400, you're doing just fine.

Employee #3699 - Done, my dear! You're in like Flynn and part of the CMG Google Reader account! Looking forward to it!

Donna said...

Welcome to the world of Google Reader; I haven't had too much trouble with it, but I only have 50 subscriptions with a few that I make a point to comment on nearly every new post.

I recently deleted a few subscriptions because I noticed I was just skipping over them anyhow. I've felt guilty ever since . . . what if I was boring enough that some one deleted me? It's been torturous!

Anonymous said...

If I don't post for a day, there is something wrong... be sure of that, lol

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Donna - I do hope that reader is better and I am always checking my feedburner stats. Whenever I see that my subscriptions are down I constantly wonder if I was boring or pissing people off.

DutchBitch - Now that I know, I'll remember! Plus, I had seen via Dave2's Twitter that Bloglines was having issues last week. Shuh. Too bad. I'm gone.