13 June 2008

This One Time, When My Uncle Called...

Yesterday, I mentioned that my uncle called me and requested family pictures. The part of the conversation I didn't mention was the following:

Uncle R: You know, L (his daughter) has pulled N (her son) out of private school. She can't afford it.

Me: Oh, that's too bad.

Uncle R: It was a Christian school. That little bugger knew the Lord's Prayer by heart! Three years ago, when we buried my wife, he said that prayer by heart at her funeral. (Note: Little N was just three then.) I don't know why we can't have prayer in schools! I think that's a shame!

Me: Well, are you OK with Islamic prayers, Buddhist chants, praying the rosary, and other religious things being taught and followed?

Uncle R: Well...

Me: Because places like Atlanta are extremely diverse with kids from many cultures in the public classroom. If you're going to have Protestant Christian prayer in the schools, then you have to include everyone else.

Uncle R: I'm not sure about that.

Me: And? If you have Protestant Christian prayer in public, government-run and funded schools, then I think things like evolution, sex education and the like should be taught in Sunday school. It's only fair.

Uncle R: So how's the weather down there?

Yeah, I know how to kill a conversation fast.


HEATHER said...

Good one!!!
You should have told him to homeschool the kid, with one of the Christian systems like Abeka. That shuts em up too!

Narcoleptic said...

Gosh, you almost sound like me : )

RiverPoet said...


I can't stand narrow views that don't include everyone at the table. We should all be free to worship the supreme being (or beings) of our choice. I'd rather someone be spiritual in some way than to be empty.

Peace - D

Avitable said...

Hahahah! Nicely done.

Willie G said...

That was a hillarious conversation. I can so relate. I don't get invited to family functions much anymore. Something about being opinionated... go figure.

Expat No. 3699 said...

Hehehe, so funny!

What I want to know is, has he had the balls to call you back about those pics or have you scared him off for good?


Bucky said...

I'm as opinionated as you are. Unfortunately, I can't quite talk myself into speaking my mind most of the time.

It really sucks.

By the way, I don't know if your familiar with Morgan Spurlock (the creator of the TV Show 30 days, and producer of the movie Supersize Me), but the new season of 30 days premiered last week. Morgan came to WV and was a coal miner for 30 days in a mine near Princeton. It was a great episode…especially for us 'eers.

Unknown said...

You get 'em, biatch! Excellent points! I'm glad you got a chance to say all that. If it had been me, I would have thought of everything AFTER we hung up.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I so admire you. You said to him exactly what I want to say to my relatives but don't have the tits to do so. I will remember this the next time.

That Chick Over There said...

God Love you for that.

When my family starts getting pissy about things like, GASP, the potential of having a BLACK PRESIDENT I just sigh and sit on my hands and become enraged.

Of course they wouldn't pay a bit of attention to me if I DID speak up, so maybe that's the difference.

Donna said...

Sounds like me and mine, only my family never gets it; they're so wrapped up in their own minds that such comments usually go over their heads. Maybe I'm being to subtle . . .

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Other Heather - You would think they would home-school him, but when L emailed me about Uncle R a few months ago to tell me he had pneumonia, she spelled it "ammonia." Yeah, home-schooling isn't a good idea for them.

Narcoleptic - Awesome! I have a twin on the other side of the world! :-)

Momma - Exactly!

Avitable - Thank you, m'dear.

Willie G - Yeah, I doubt I would be welcome at this family's reunion. Oh, well. Can't you tell I'm broken up about it?

Employee 3699 - Ah, no. No calling back! Thank God...

Bucky - Yo! Fellow 'eer! It took me 36 years to be able to think on my feet like that. And, yeah, I could that episode and enjoyed it thoroughly! Thanks for stopping by!

Teri - Don't ask me how but I somehow managed that one on the tip of my tongue. One in a million.

NATUI - You do it, hon. You'll feel better.

Chick Over There - Now, I didn't say that anything I said to him sunk in. It never does with either side of my family. I'm still the little geeky kid they all discount. *Sigh*

Donna - Sledgehammer. That'll do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Family, fun. Can't choose them, can you?