19 June 2008

Yeah, I Know

So, I'm all awake and ready to go yesterday, fresh for another day of kid wrangling and house cleaning when I decided to give myself a concussion.

OK, maybe I'm being dramatic. But I can tell you I'm pretty sure I came close to cracking my skull in the area of my right temple, all in the name of reaching down for a toy, not knowing where I was in relation to the stone counter, and slamming said temple into the corner of the counter.

Oooooh, yeah. It's as wonderful an experience as you can imagine.

So, I nursed a wicked headache all yesterday.

Add to that my bro JB calling to tell me my blog crashed his computer. That makes two. I have now decided that it is of the utmost importance to finish screwing around on my practice blog, get the look I want, and copy all the CSS HTML code over here. I'm tweaking a few issues (such as not being able to get the friggin' banner centered in the main body of the blog - I hate Blogger), but I'm almost there.

That means that I have nothing meaningful to blog about today and I didn't visit any of your lovely blogs yesterday.

Please, let me finish my new template before you guys cane me. I'll even holler out, "Thank you sir/ma'am, may I have another!" And when I'm done (hopefully tomorrow), I'll be back and reading. I'm just like a pit bull when it comes to fixing stuff and getting it the way I want it; I'm just not gonna stop or let go until I've drawn blood.

In the meantime, if you feel like it, go check out the practice blog, let me know what you think, let me know if it crashes your computer, and give me a hint on the banner issue. Love to you all!


jayna said...

The new one looks good; I'm loving the groovy background.

Try sizing down your banner - it's at 1000px, try maybe 800px or so on the width. I'm not good enough to tell you exactly how wide it should be, but that's one of those things I always end up having to do.

Bucky said...

To further what Jayna said, you should resize your header image to 890px wide. It should center nicely then.

Also, I think the in post font is a bit to tiny. Another 1 or 2 px larger would make it a bit easier for everyone to read.

Aside from that, it looks great!

RiverPoet said...

Love the new look of the blog, and it didn't crash my computer (but then again, I have a Mac :-D)

Take care of that noggin. Otherwise your blogs will just be so much drool on the keyboard...D

Donna said...

Looking good. Once you get it all centered it'll be awesome.
I wouldn't change the header if you possibly can - I love it!

Lot's of luck!

Avitable said...

Didn't crash anything. Have you tried using the Web Developer plugin for Firefox? That might give you some idea of what the errors are.

I just realized that you never posted the drawing I did of your current header, did you?

Jenn said...

LOVE the groovyness happening here!

.:| Melissa.Mizladytaz |:. said...

OOooo, sorry about the head! Hope you're feeling better!

Lovin the new look, Heather! And no crashing here. :0) Though, I have to say that the squiggley's on the side, make me kinda dizzy, if I look at them! *giggles*

I see you got that header problem fixed! Blogger pissed me off, so I went and bought myself yet another domain name, and installed WordPress! I know how to work that one! ;0)

I'm like you, when trying to do something. Just can't stand it, if it ain't right! Though, I used an already made template, this time. Didn't feel like making any custom graphics for it. But I still had to tweak it here and there! ;0)

Liz Hill said...

So sorry about your head sugar.

You are looking good!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Jayna - It is groovy! Thanks for the advice!

Bucky - Thanks for the help, hon! I upped the font. You were right, too small.

Momma - Woo hoo! And, yeah. I'm wearing a football helmet from now on...

Donna - Thanks, hon! For all your chat help!

Avitable - Didn't try that. Give that a go next time. :-)

Jenn - Oh, yeah baby!

Melissa - Yeah, there's no friggin' way I could do that from scratch. Much better to hack into another template and tweak it!

Turnbaby - Thanks, hon!