04 August 2008

Baby Shower Breakdown

Two hours and 30 minutes to Gadsden, Alabama with my mom driving. XM Radio's 80's on 8. Woo hoo!

Road snackage + Snapple tea = FULL BLADDER! (Quick Taco Bell stop-off...)

Southern Baptist Baby Shower (It was a full house - estrogen was bouncing off the walls!)

Cake, cookies, meatballs, peanuts, cake, icing, cake, cookies, cake, punch.... SUGAR RUSH!

Three tables full of gifts (read: loot!).

Southern accents abounded. "Brother so-and-so. Sister what's-her-name."

We were kicked out at promptly 5PM for the start of evening church set-up. Git. GIT!

Thus began the hauling of gifts to the soon-to-be parents' house, followed by a fabulous dinner with the uncle- and aunt-in-law, and finally the hauling of our butts 2 hours and 30 minutes home.

I'm exhausted, but cousin-in-law Lindsay's journey (read: bone-deep exhaustion) as a new mother is about to begin:

(Isn't she gorgeous?)


Willie G said...

I drove about 400 miles myself this weekend. The things we do for fun!!

penny said...

Listening to 80's music, going to a Southern baby shower, and not having to drive 5 hours - sounds like fun!

Miss Britt said...

You drove over 2 hours for a baby shower??

Wow. You are awesome family!

(And she does look gorgeous)

Donna said...

"bone-deep exhaustin" yeah, that sums it up pretty good.

Driving nearly two hours for a baby shower? WOW!

She looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Awww...she's going to love that picture when her kids are all grown up. I hid from the camera when I was pregnant and wish I hadn't now.

I'm noticing that you drove with your mom...and I'm remembering the whole post-vaca stress. Things must be better between you to endure 5 hours in the car together. That's good.

We just drove 5 hours with both kids to go to another kid's b-day party...yep, the lengths we will take to have a little fun, rather pathetic.

Expat No. 3699 said...

Babies-R-Us ships via UPS!

Kidding aside, your cousin looks great and kudos to you and your mom for driving that far.

Bucky said...

Two things:

80's on 8 rocks.

Your cousins hot. (I got a thing for slender pregnant ladies.)

It's a shame though...she has no idea what she's in for... :)

RiverPoet said...

She is very beautiful, and I'm wishing her a happy, healthy baby!

Peace - D

Not Afraid to Use It said...

She does look amazing! And what is more amazing is that you made it home in one piece. ;)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Willie G - And family!

Penny - It was good times!

Miss Britt - There's a lot of love in Ty's family. That's why I love them so!

Donna - She is a beautiful woman.

MommyCosm - Yeah, my mom hid from the camera, too. I decided to get plenty of pictures taken for both my pregnancies. And, yeah, things with mom are much better and on the mend.

Employee No. 3699 - True. But they don't send me cake in return! :)

Bucky - She is hawt. And the 80s on 8 is kick-ass, especially when Night Ranger hosts!

RiverPoet - Thanks, hon!

NATUI - Oh, yeah. You're right about that!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I miss the South sometimes.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

A Free Man - Yes, the South is home. *Sigh*