13 August 2008

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

One year ago, today, I began blogging.


It doesn't feel like a year.


I have no words of wisdom. I could probably look up a ton of "time has flown" clich├ęs that would drive you all crazy. Mmmm, no. What I can do is tell you the winner of my contest!

BUCKY! The West Virginia Blogger!

Woo hoo! My fellow mountaineer took it home with 12 correct answers to 12 questions and the randomizer spit out his name in first place. So, Bucky m'dear, just e-mail me your mailing address (and your shirt size) and I'll be shipping off to you a box full of goodies. There'll be a t-shirt (emblazoned with my scary mug) and a few other knick-knacks (Probably some lint J-man picked up and put in his mouth that I had to then pull out of his mouth at risk of getting my fingers chewed off. Then there might be a baggie of stale Cheerios and a 4-month-old issue of Ty-man's Maxim magazine that has been sitting in our bathroom. You never know what I'll send!). So, get ready, Bucky! Here it comes! And then? In a couple of months? I'll be showing up at your house for a 3-month visit. Cool? Sweet.

(Not to worry. Before sending off Bucky's t-shirt I'll be sure to post a picture of it for all of you to "Oh!" and "Ah!" and "Dude, Dave's Artificial Duck stuff is so much cooler!" over.)

Now, I am going to bed. Sleepy-time. If any of you feel like sending me presents for my one-year blogiversary, feel free. I'll take cash, diamonds, or a week at Club Med.

Or just your continued friendship. Yeah, that would be the best gift EVAH!

And here are answers to the contest questions:

1. What is a snubble? A snot bubble
2. Who did I fall in love with in the Turks & Caicos? Loretta the grouper
3. What is the fourth step in becoming a super geek? Go to Space Camp
4. What kind of deal do I want to make with Columbian drug smugglers? I want to buy the coffee beans they use to cover up the smuggled cocaine smell.
5. Why did USA Nails call me? I'm one number off from the local cops' phone number and they called me because of a water main break.
6. What am I missing from both big toes? Each is missing a sesamoid bone
7. When I start to think too much, what do I call the honey on my morning toast? Bee vomit
8. What's my cup size? D, baby!
9. What kind of swim trunks did my dad wear? Campbell's Pork 'n Beans
10. Why did I need three prescription motrins, one oxycodone, and one bag of frozen peas in one afternoon? I was engorged from weaning J-man and already in pain when Miss-Miss kneed me in the breast.
11. What did the dead-beat dad try to ship his kid, via UPS, from Georgia to California? A live bunny.
12. What was the name of the husband who fainted while having his blood drawn? Corbett


Willie G said...

AAAWWWW Daaaaayyyyummmm!!! I didn't win. Well...um... I didn't..... enter. Shit. Foiled again!!! I love reading your blog though. I'm just a newbie to it, and didn't have the time to do the research. Yeah, I'm kinda lame like that.

Congrats though on surviving one year of the most drama filled atmosphere I could ever imagine. Good luck on many more.

Jenn said...

Happy Blogiversary to you! Congrats! This is one of my favourite places to come on my morning rounds!

Expat No. 3699 said...

Happy 1st Blogiversary! I'll send ya cash...I have a whole bunch of yellow 100's and blue 50's and pink fives...

Bucky said...

Wiener, wiener, wiener!

You mean I get more stale cheerios to add to the collection that I already have on the floor and in between the couch cushions? Sweet!

RiverPoet said...

Happy blogiversary to you....
Happy blogiversary to youuu....
Happy blogiversary, dear Heather...
Happy blogiversary to you!

(and many moooooore)

Peace - D

Unknown said...

Holy crap! Has it been that long already?!?! Congrats on keeping it up for a year! (teehee)

Happy Blogiversary!!

Love, t

Donna said...

happy blogiversary

Miss Britt said...

Wait a minute.

I'm pretty sure I have an email from you that says you wanted in on the "little boobs" club.

OMG. I feel so.. soo... BETRAYED!!!

(Oh, and happy blogiversary!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!!!

penny said...

Happy Blogiversary!

How cool that a West Virginian won, even if it wasn't THIS WVian.

Avitable said...

When you post a picture of it, will you be wearing it with nothing underneath it?

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I can't believe it's been a year! WooHoo for you! For some reason, it feels like you are an old pro at this and have been doing it for much longer. Here's to a great second year!

Dave2 said...

A belated happy blogiversary to you! Time flies when you're blogging fun. :-)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Willie G - And I'm glad you read my blog. Thanks, hon!

Jenn - Thanks, hon! Glad you like coming by here in the morning!

Employee No. 3699 - Woo hoo! Monopoly money! Always welcome!

Bucky - And, I swear, your present will be shipped off this weekend. I suck, I know.

River Poet - Thanks for the song!

Teri - Oh, yeah it's been that long. I know, you're sitting there thinking, "Shit. Is she EVER gonna be finished?"

Donna - Thanks, hon!

Britt - NO! I do have little boobs! Seriously! Everybody on the planet is wearing the wrong size! Honest to God! I walk into any VS and they tell me "36B! Definitely!" Whatev.

Dutch Bitch - Thanks, hon!

Penny - Thanks, hon! And, yeah, I was glad Bucky won.

Avitable - Um, no. Bra, underwear, and shorts/pants will be firmly in place. I could photoshop your nuts down there but otherwise, no.

NATUI - Thanks, hon! Love you!

Dave2 - Thanks, doll!