18 August 2008

Inappropriate Panties?

I am such a news freak. I have it on all day for background noise (as if the musical stylings of Laurie Berkner, the Pooh Bear fire truck, and three children freaking out about everything aren't enough noise already) and to keep current. It's an addiction but I'll be damned if I join a 12-step program for it.

Last week, I saw this. It's a news story about a grandmother who is pissed that her 7-year-old granddaughter's High School Musical "knickers" include the words "Dive In!"

Civil servant Sue, 57, said: “When she put them on, myself and my daughter thought, ‘Oh my goodness’. It is inappropriate because it is sexually suggestive.

“You just never know who could see that and think it was a bit too enticing for a young child to be wearing.”

Um, yeah.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of cherry is:

A membrane in a woman's vagina, known more properly as a hymen.
Used in a sentence: I popped my girlfriend's cherry.

Now that you've soaked up that definition, I present you with these:

To go along with her Sunday Princess Belle panties, Miss-Miss can now wear suggestive cherries. On her panties. Thank you Carter's.

Um, yeah.


HEATHER said...


Bucky said...

It's only as suggestive as the person who interprets it is.

Dave2 said...

Could have been worse... could have been a cartoon beaver!

Okay, now THAT is totally inappropriate!

Avitable said...

The "Dive In" ones are ridiculous - how did anyone not see the possible meaning?

At least the cherries could be more innocently taken.

Expat No. 3699 said...

Uhm, they could have the Nike logo and say, "Just Do It"

Miss Britt said...

I'm just going to put Emma in a thong.

Molly's Mom said...

Um, my kid has those same Carter's undies. I just thought they were cute and never once did the other meaning of cherry pop into my mind. Thanks a lot! (kidding...I think) ;-)

Anonymous said...

See, I think we should all go back to Wonder Woman Underoos. And make them in adult size, of course.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

This kind of stuff has always given me a chuckle, but I (surprisingly) have no issue with it whatsoever. I kind of feel there is so much ELSE to worry about than fruit on underwear. Because NOBODY ought to be looking at my kids' underwear but me and Hubbie. Period.

I think they are intended as a pedophile test. If someone for some ungodly reason sees your kids' panties with this on it and raises their eyebrows and makes a snarky/lewd comment? You bitch-slap and drop-kick them immediately so that they will never look at your child EVER again. E-V-E-R.

Robin said...

I agree that fruit on undies, not a problem. "Dive in" on undies? Ick.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Other Heather - Yup.

Bucky - Very true.

Dave2 - HA! Never thought of that. New line of Artificial Duck undies? Hmmmm?

Avitable - I think it's right up there with the penis hidden in Ariel's castle on the VHS cover of "Little Mermaid." Fucking Disney!

Employee No. 3699 - HA1 Awesome idea!

Britt - Lemme know how that goes.

Molly's Mom - Sorry 'bout that.

Duck - Oh, yeah! I miss my Wonder Woman Underoos!

NATUI - I mean, I really don't either. I just think it's ridiculous that they made such an issue about it that it warranted a news story. WTF? It's underwear!

Toasty - I think all of it should just be a solid color, stripes, dots, just to be safe.

.:| Melissa.Mizladytaz |:. said...

Oh Lord! Sheeeeesh!! The "Dive In" is very inappropriate, I think! I mean, WTH!? The cherries, eh. Yea, I get it IF you are old enough to know what "a cherry" is!! BUT, WHO is looking at a little girls panties??? I mean, besides someone who is "allowed" (as in parents, etc) hmmmmmm

Ha! When I was about 10 or so, I had these knee socks, that had a head of lettuce on them, and they said below it, "Lettuce Get Together". My grandpa had a FIT over it!! Asked Grammie, HOW she could allow me to wear and item of clothing, with such a suggestive phrase on it!! "Shut up, Bill!" is the next thing I heard!

I dunno! I was 10, what the hell did I know then, anyway? Grammie didn't see the harm in it, so it MUST have been alright? *shrugs* But, it definitely wasn't on my panties. LOL Don't know if that's worse or not?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like to me someone has their panties in a wad.

Anonymous said...

7? I would LOVE to "dive in" my tongue was made for little girls