05 August 2008

Sticking the Neck Out

From My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

Tula: Ma, dad is so stubborn. What he says goes. You know, “The man is the head of the house.”

Maria: Let me tell you something, Tula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head any way she wants.

Our yard is an absolute mess. After all the work we had done last year, the "lay of our land" is great. The weeds? Overtaking us moment-by-moment.

Back in 2004 BK (Before Kids) and earlier, I had the weed thing down and under control. I was out there every friggin' day keeping the little bastards at bay. Now? With three kids? And this house? The yard has suffered greatly and I am absolutely embarrassed regarding the state of it. (I keep waiting for the covenant Nazis to knock on our door and kick us out of the neighborhood because the weeds are taller than most of the kids around here.) Ty-man has some nasty outdoor allergies that keep him from mowing the grass. So, we've got a service but that's all they do is cut the grass. We need something more.

I've pestered Ty endlessly about calling our landscaper from last year's backyard overhaul and he kept putting me off. After watching the weeds reach epic heights, the neck finally moved the head. I called the landscaper. I got the quote. I found out that he charges less for mowing and weeding compared to what we're paying now for just mowing. I flatly stated that the weeds aren't going to get any better and that we need to hire the new landscaper. Finished. Done. There will be no discussion in committee.

And? Our old grass service has been dismissed. Donnie (the new landscaper) is on the job this Thursday. And the neck? I'm feeling pretty strong and ready to move the head any. way. I. want.

Ty-man has been warned.


HEATHER said...

You know you could have put the young'uns to work. They may be a little too small yet though, but next spring and summer definately.

penny said...

I can't mow grass because of my allergies either. I also shouldn't be pulling weeds, but I do. Sometimes. But not very often. I keep trying to get my nephews to come down and pull them for me, but they're onto me.

However, I do enjoy swinging a mattock to create the flower beds. Where more weeds grow.

RiverPoet said...

Good going, girl! You give that head hell!

At our last big house (we live in a townhouse now), we used a service called NaturaLawn to get the weeds under control and feed the grass organically. We had a separate service to do our mowing, because the place was so friggin' huge. Sure, it cost, but it was worth it to be able to sit back and enjoy the best lawn in the neighborhood!

Peace - D

Donna said...

I know the post is about your grass and weeds (and I feel your pain about the weeds, only they're in my garden); but I just have to comment on that quote:
I saw that movie and I cannot believe I missed that? that's awesome - and so true.

Glad you were able to hire some one to do more work for less, that's always fabulous.

And, I agree with Heather. My husband keeps telling me that some day, after supper, I'll be able to relax because our Daughter will be the one doing dishes.
Someday ...

Unknown said...

Can I get Donnie's number?!?!?! :)

Miss Britt said...

Ugh. Lawn service is the one area I canNOT get Jared to cave.

Willie G said...

The female in the relationship holds the power for sure. It's a hypnotic sword that if wielded correctly can lead the most stubborn man and make him believe it was his idea. My wife always lets me believe I'm in charge, but deep down inside I know I am under her spell.

Anonymous said...

Scene: Int

Action: Deck rolling side to side and crew rush to their positions for emergency take off...

Leia: "I am not a committee!"

Love Ya!

(P.S. the neck only thinks it turns the head, but the head makes the neck turn...) ;-)

Expat No. 3699 said...

My Better Half compromised with me. He wouldn't hire a service to 'cut' the grass, but we do have them come out to put down fertilizer and weed killer.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Awesome for you! Give'm time to get it done. When it doesn't happen, take matters into your own hands. I can't wait to see the before and after photos.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Other Heather - True. But I know I hated weeding with a passion and despised my mom when she asked me to do it. Won't put these kids through it. Nope. We'll plant purty flowers!

Penny - Those wily brats! :)

River Poet - It is worth it to let somebody else do it!

Donna - That quote is at the beginning of the movie, after the restaurant closes for the day.

Teri - Yep. Just do a Google search for Mixon Landscaping.

Britt - We must convert him to our way of thinking *actives cartoon hypnosis eyes*.

Willie G - I knew I loved you for a reason! :)

Ty-man - I wondered if you would catch that! HA! And? YOU WISH! It's the neck, baby!

Employee No. 3699 - Very good. Every little bit helps!

NATUI - Oh, honey. The before photos are just too embarrassing. I'll describe it. :)