21 November 2008

Shoulda Posted This on Monday


I feel like shit on a stick.

The kids brought home another case of bubonic plague. I've horked up both lungs multiple times and I should buy stock in Kleenex.

I apologize for clicking on the Mark As Read button in Google Reader and not getting around to your blogs. Unfortunately, that button has been my best friend this week.

That and large quantities of chocolate. And all of your wonderful comments and e-mails. I know that once I am able to breathe and not cough, I'll feel much better.

I hope to be back to my normal self early next week.


Jenn said...

Darn kids bringing home the darn plague! Kid brought it home here too - luckily he's kept it to himself, we adults have been spared (the plague, but not the misery that goes with it...we're ALL sharing that!)

Feel better soon!

HEATHER said...

Honey, this plague thing is the number one reason I decided to homeschool the Paddycake! Last year he picked up a bug at the playground, we took him to the Ped., the kid recovers the next day.
Meanwhile mother and I both got sick and couldn't get rid of it for about three weeks!
Hope you feel better soon!

Dave2 said...

Feel better. :-(

Anonymous said...

Two words: Hand sanitizer.

I rub lots on my hands and then open and shut every door and drawer, flip every light switch and rub the remote and the computer keyboard.

Believe me...it works.

Get better!!

Faiqa said...

Awww. My girl has been sick all week, just got better today. Hoping that you'll feel better soon.

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that massive quantities of chocolate can't cure.

Rest and keep the chocolate supply going in. We'll be here waiting for you to feel better.


Gypsy said...

Poor you. Feel better soon!