08 December 2008

Off The Hook

I've been a paranormal investigator for 11 months. I'm nothing special. I'm completely lucky to have the opportunity to do this. I'm rather new at all of this. I don't personally own infra-red cameras or a K II EMF meter (on order, thank you very much). I'm just a person who believes but who has never seen and wants so desperately to hear that one voice letting me know it's there, to feel the cold spot, or to see the face of a spirit.

And it finally happened in a very nondescript suburban Atlanta home just a couple of days ago.

As a paranormal researcher, you expect 99% of private residence cases to be due to over-active imaginations, explainable phenomena (i.e., your mirror is shaking because your house is crooked and the floorboards move at the slightest step), or because the residents of said houses already have a keen interest in the paranormal and they are convinced that every single squeak or bang or shadow is of a ghostly in nature.

As we four investigators walked into this home, I was ready for all of the above. I was ready to de-bunk. I was ready to write off the homeowner as a woman who needed to burn her over-abundance of ghost books. I was ready to spend the next five hours bored out of my skull.

All I can say is that it's great to be wrong.

It's also great to see short shadows moving across the hall. It's fracking amazing to have something skitter, SKITTER I TELL YOU!, across the carpet just inches from my hand. It's cool as hell to see an adult-sized shadow move from one side of the kitchen to the other. It's awesome to see unexplained flashes of light occur right in front of your eyes and not peripherally. It's a heart-pounding moment to see your fellow investigator's K II meter flash (meaning, detect an EMF spike) when there is no reason for a large EMF reading to occur in said area and you realize it's in answer to a question you put forth to the spirit.

It was five crazy hours of having my eyes opened wide and having my world turned upside down.

And I can't wait to do it again!


HEATHER said...


Anonymous said...


That'll keep you coming back for more now, huh?!

I wish the haunted house I grew up in hadn't burnt down a few years back. I would love to take you there to see some real freaky shit!

Avitable said...

Sweet! Can you share any of the evidence, or is it all confidential?

Unknown said...

Wow! How awesome is that!

Miss Britt said...

Holy crap! That is so cool!

And also scary as hell.

Remind me to tell you about the time I very kindly explained to my dead Nana that I was sure she didn't want to hurt me, but I just could not DEAL and could she maybe just leave a note or something?

Willie G said...

You are gonna tell more about this right? RIGHT?!?

RiverPoet said...

COOL! The house "gave up the ghost"! :-)

Can't wait to read more!!!!!

Peace - D

That One said...

Yippee! Isn't it great when something you want to see finally happens?

Hope you have another experience like this soon. :)

kaila said...

How awesome is that?!!
I got my book Saturday.
Thank you sooo much - this makes me look even more forward to reading it!
Do tell more......

Jessica said...

i am jealous.

Gypsy said...

Holy crap, really!? That's incredible!

Trukindog said...

What no infrared video or pics?

Expat No. 3699 said...

Extremely awesome. Can you share any more of what happened? I'm really curious.

One of the gals that goes on 'Girls' Weekends' with us swears her parents old farmhouse is haunted. They had a write-up in the local paper a couple of years ago about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't even have words to say how cool that sounds. I would LOVE to do something like that!

Faiqa said...

No. Way. I mean, I believe you, but, no. way.

Molly's Mom said...

Oh, WOW! How cool to have this happen! Well, I rephrase...how cool to have this happen to YOU, who is perfectly okay with it. Me, on the other hand? Um, can we say "Oops I crapped my pants?"

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Other Heather - Totally!

MommyCosm - Oh, I would have loved it. But? If a new house is built on the land, what was there before may still be there. :)

Avitable - It's all confidential. That's why I'm always vague about my investigations because most of the time, the clients refuse to sign a form allowing us to release evidence on our site. Frustrating.

LeSombre - Very!

Miss Britt - Oh, I would love to hear that story!

Willie G - I would love to, but I can't. If the homeowner signs an agreement allowing us to release the evidence we find on our Web site, I'll let you know! Promise!

RiverPoet - HA! That it did!

Tuli - Thanks, hon! Me, too.

Kaila - Yeah! I'm glad you got the book!

Jessx - Girl! Get thee to a paranormal investigation group in your area! :)

Gypsy - Seriously, dude. My heart was pounding several times. But it was awesome!

Trukindog - Nope. We can't release the evidence we find until the client gives us the OK. And sometimes they never do. Sorry, hon. :(

Employee No. 3699 - Now that I'm in this field, I hear about so many people who own or grew up in haunted homes. It's amazing. The numbers must be astronomical!

Giggle Pixie - Do it! Just do it, girl!

Faiqa - Way.

Molly's Mom - HA! That's OK. I nearly pee'd once. :)

A Free Man said...

I've never really bought into this sort of stuff, but then I've never known anyone who was really into it. You're kind of challenging my preconceptions because you seem to be a sane person in every other way, so I have to believe that you're sane in terms of this ghostly stuff as well. Huh.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

You lucky, lucky dog!

.:| Melissa.Mizladytaz |:. said...

How awesome for you, Heather!! I've had my own experiences over the past 25 years. I haven't experienced voices, or actually seen a spirit (ghost), and honestly, I don't think I want to!! The footsteps, things falling off the counter, light switches turned on and off, and doors opening and closing have been enough to keep me satisfied! LOL