02 December 2008

Paying It Forward

OK, campers. Short and sweet today with the promise of schwag! Woo hoo!

River Poet over at Poetic License had a fun Pay it Forward post wherein three commenters to said post would receive something from her home state of Maryland. The only catch? That we, as the recipients, had to in turn return the favor to three commenters on our blogs!

And after I became the recipient of the coolest piece of Maryland schwag evah, I'm returning the favor to three of you lucky readers! The first three commenters who can answer these questions correctly will get a little something from the Peach State. And? You'll get to Pay it Forward on your own blogs! Good luck!
  1. What is Georgia's state flower?
  2. Which famous Georgian founded Habitat for Humanity?
  3. Who is your favorite Georgia blogger?
Now. Wasn't that painless?


Anonymous said...

Oh oh! I know these! But I'm from Georgia so I'll play fair. I would like to add, however, that the Georgia State Reptile is the Gopher Tortoise and I was the only kid in my 4th grade class nerdy enough to know that. But I got extra credit :)

Anonymous said...

Flower = Cherokee Rose (Rosa laevigata)
Habitat for Humanity Founder = Linda Fuller
Fav Blogger = YOU :)

Cricky said...

What is Georgia's state flower? Cherokee Rose

Which famous Georgian founded Habitat for Humanity? Millard Fuller

Who is your favorite Georgia blogger? CMGD

kaila said...

Flower= Cherokee Rose
Habitat for Humanity = Millard Fuller
Favorite Georgia blogger - You

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like you've got your winners already, but this was a really cool idea!

Now, any chance of a consolation prize? Maybe a little chaw and some moonshine?

Oh wait...that might be more for my kinfolk in Kentucky!!!! :-)

A Free Man said...

Flower - Rosa laevigata (Bonus for the Latin name?)

HfH Founder - Millard Fuller, but I always want to say Millard Fillmore.

Ga Blogger - Tough call, tough call. Catfish & Cornbread is pretty good, Hey Jenny Slater is excellent, but you're the bestest evah!

Gratuitous flattery bonus points as well?