27 January 2009

My Apologies

Dear Readers,
I hate these posts. You know the ones. I'm too busy! I don't have time to post bupkis! This blogging shit is too hard! Waaaaaahhhh!

But this post is not that. I respect all of you too much just to post whatever. Filler. Junk. Because right now, my brain is so full of grocery lists, to do lists, TiVo to-be-recorded lists, and hit lists, that I couldn't post my way out of a wet paper bag. So, rather than just post crap to post for the sake of posting (you follow?), I'm going to let all of us off the hook. I'm still here, just not as much as usual. And when I have something to post, something that makes me smile, then I'll be in your reader. And in your face. I just didn't want you to think I was on a five-day chocolate bender.

It's more like month-long.

Thanks for understanding.

Love, Me


Anonymous said...

hey, never apologize for not posting! that's my blogging rule #1

That One said...

I hear ya! I'm in the same boat.
Keep sane,

Expat No. 3699 said...

I totally get it having just come back from a long bender myself.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with a chocolate bender. I had a week-long one last week, and it may extend into this week yet. :-)

sybil law said...

My PMS demands I go on a chocolate bender. I am more than happy to comply!
Go git yer stuff done. Particularly the hit list - myPMS also demands I get on one of those, too.

Jessica said...

i could use some chocolate right now.. -sigh-

Not Afraid to Use It said...

You know we'll be here. Take the time you need and enjoy those stolen moments.

Gypsy said...

Mmmm... chocolate.

Miss you!

Toasty said...

I know how you feel. I just linked to you in a new post, because I'm giving up myinnerteen to start anew. Who knows if I'll have time for a new blog, but I want to be able to post pics of my kids. I just love looking at yours and my other blogroll favs'. I will definitely be checking back here. You'll still Tweet, right?!

Faiqa said...

You're awesome, therefore you are automatically forgiven. Miss you. :)

Donna said...

uh, yeah, know the feeling.
blogging is so haaaaard!!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

T. AKA Ricky Raw - DUDE! You're still here?!? Reading my lame-ass blog?!? I think I love you. :)

Tuli - Always.

Employee No. 3699 - Chocolate benders are the best, aren't they?

Giggle Pixie - Do it, girl!

Sybil Law - Oh, I'm whittling down that hit list.

JessX - I'll ship some to you. :)

NATUI - Yes ma'am.

Gypsy - Miss you, too!

Toasty - Keep me posted if you move to new digs!

Faiqa - Love you. :)

Donna - IT IS!