05 January 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Why doesn't Little Bear ever wear clothes? His parents are bears and they wear clothes. But he doesn't. Can they not afford clothes for him? I mean, they do live in a tiny house out in the woods. No electricity. No plumbing. Or is it a coming-of-age sort of thing, that he'll wear clothes when he's older? Is that a bear thing? Do I even care?

I think I ate ten dark chocolate-covered dried cherries today. My molars are sticking together.

How come, when Hancock was first released this past summer, no mention was made of Charlize Theron in the movie? Didn't see her in the previews or on the posters. It was all Will Smith! Jason Bateman! And now? That it's on DVD? She's all over the place. I don't get it.

Don't scrapbook and drink. You may write inappropriate comments under your pictures.

Is it possible to overdose on a book? I've been reading the Twilight series and everything on the Web associated with the books and movie. I'm ignoring my family. I now have a t-shirt with Edward/Robert Pattinson on the front. I'm obsessing. Is this unhealthy? Is there a pill for this?

Synchronized gymnastics. Seriously. Just say it 15 times really fast and you'll realize that if you watch it, you are a dork. Dude.

Same Old Lang Syne is the lamest excuse for a Christmas song and I swear by Athena and the 12 colonies that if B98.5 plays that piece of crap next Christmas? I may spit on my Christmas tree. And don't even get me started on The Christmas Shoes.

There are entirely too many hyperlinks in this post.

Am I the only person who is creeped out by that Vince guy who advertises ShamWOW? He's got this weird eye/eyebrow thing and, honestly, if he was selling me gold at a buck an ounce, I would knee him in the nuts and run like Hell.

Is it possible to sign jackasses up for porn-site e-mail subscriptions without getting caught?

Is this the worst post ever?

Thought so.


HEATHER said...

Seriously I have wondered the same thing about Little Bear!
But have you also noticed that Franklin's friends are a Fox and a Rabbit? Why doesn't the Fox eat the Rabbit? Why are their names just their species, and why isn't Franklin just called Turtle?
Are we watching too much children's television?
Don't answer that! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hardly the worst! I'm with you on B98.5. I just avoid it during December. But they're definitely starting to play more of MY music and less of my MOM's music. Yikes.
mmm, dark chocolate cherries

Dave2 said...

I enjoyed Hancock more than I thought I would... and a large part of that was due to Charlize Theron. Her part was a key role to the film's story, and much of the plot hinged on her delivering. Which she did, as usual.

Bucky said...

shamWOW guy is hilarious.

You could sign people up for porn spam, but I would only do it from a cybercafe somewhere, and not with my own computer.

Anonymous said...

I can't help you out with answers.

I don't get why Little Bear is always naked.

I, too, am addicted to all things Edward Cullen. I can't find anyone willing to go to the movie with me b/c the only time it is playing now is 9:55pm. I wanted to read the book first. Did you read Midnight Sun online?!?!?!?

I'm creeped out by the ShamWOW guy, but totally want one.

Haven't seen Hancock, yet, but I had no idea Charlize Theron was in it. Go figure.

Avitable said...

I love that ShamWow guy for some reason.

And I think that the reason Hancock got such bad reviews was because they kept Charlize out of the previews and tried to make it look like an action comedy, when it really was a more emotional dramatic movie than that. Maybe they're correcting that when they're advertising the DVD.

Anonymous said...

This was a great post. I like a onetwo shot of information like this!

My daughter is obsessed with the ShamWow guy and Billy Mays. She picked up Chinese food for dinner and as she opened the bags, she presented like those guys....


I almost peed my pants!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Other Heather - Very true about Franklin! And if Little Bear ever grows up and has a family of his own, will he become Father Bear? Will his parents still call him Little Bear? It's all very confusing.

Mentally Rehearsed - What we need is an 80s station. And now, I sound like my Grandpa. Just substitute "40s" for "80s." Ugh.

Dave2 - I have yet to watch it. Hope to catch it on PPV this week. I just can't imagine why she wasn't in the original marketing for the movie. She's such a badass!

Bucky - So, noted.

MommyCosm - DUDE! I would go to the movie with you in a heart beat!!!!! NH is too far away! WAH!

Avitable - REALLY? It's more of an emotional drama? Wow. Now I really need to watch it.

MetalMom - Oh, your daughter is a scream!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Is this an example of don't drink and post? ;) I'd really love to read those comments in your scrapbook. I am sure they are true more than inappropriate.

Faiqa said...

The Little Bear question is a good one that I hadn't really thought about. I vote for the coming of age theory. MY question is WTF is Uniqua (that's the pink thing from Backyardigans)? A Manatee? A space alien? It's driving me crazy.

Molly's Mom said...

Okay, I just saw the infomercial for ShamWOW and am COMPLETELY creeped out by that guy. What is wrong with the right half of his face??!?!?