18 March 2009

Dialog, Part 22

HOA President: So, little Miss So-and-So e-mailed me complaining about the tennis courts AGAIN and I told her that instead of asking the Board to fix it, she should volunteer and fix it herself. Much more proactive, don't you think?

HOA Vice-President: Well, what is So-and-So's problem, anyway? She's always stirring up trouble, complaining about something.

Prez: She's a stay-at-home-mom who walks around with her little Starbucks coffee cups and has way too much time on her hands.

VP: Oh.

Looking down at J-man on my lap and the Starbucks travel mug in my hand. Well! She should just start a blog, shouldn't she?!?


Anonymous said...

Oh God! I would have crawled up under a rug if I realized I looked like the offender! LOL

Anonymous said...


Seriously, though?! Even before I blogged and worked, I don't think I ever had too much time on my a hands as a SAHM. That's a myth. She's probably be a whiny PIA even if she wasn't a SAHM. Just sayin'.

Patois42 said...

Thank God for people like that to provide blog fodder.

Anonymous said...

Well, clearly you're not in the same category as the woman they were talking about, since you barely have a moment to yourself. Too much time on your hands? I.think.not. :-)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

This wasn't a "my friend" post, was it? Just what is the beef with the tennis courts?

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

MetalMom - I really wanted to crawl under a rug. I was seriously thinking about it.

MommyCosm - And that's the thing! If you have a housekeeper, a nanny, etc, then yeah, you probably have a ton of time. Me? Not so much.

Avitable - I mean, they're nice people. But, they just opened mouth, inserted feet and shoes and several other things. I don't think they even realized what they had said and who they said it to.

Patois - Seriously.

Giggle Pixie - Hey, I figure if she's got enough time to send shitty e-mails to the HOA? She's got time to blog. :)

NATUI - Who the hell knows. I think they should fill the damned things up with concrete. But that's just me.