05 April 2010

Missing In Action



Yeah. Life around here? Crazy.

I'm a fairly busy person (Hello? SAHM of three on line four? Yeah, you sound a bit frazzled. HEY! LADY! PUT DOWN THE CHOCOLATE ICING AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT! Geez. Somebody call the cops.) and what do fairly busy people do when they're, you know, fairly busy?

Well, yeah, nap. DUH. What else?

Said people take on a job.

No kidding.

Do you remember that proposal the Ty-man had to write? The proposal that took over two months and much gnashing of teeth? Yeah. We should be hearing from the customer aaaaaaany second now. What's interesting about this contract is that if and when (Must. Think. Positive!) we are awarded it, we have to be able to hit the ground running with twelve new employees. These people have to be hired with the knowledge that, yeah, this is a six year contract (Woo hoo!) that we don't yet have and if we don't get it (Grrrr...), well hey, you got paid for two whole weeks, what's your beef?


Ty-man came home from work two weeks ago fuming. It's gonna cost me $90,000 for a head-hunting service to post these jobs and pre-screen the applicants! And what if we don't get the contract?!? That $90,000 our company wouldn't have to spare!

I blinked a few times and half-jokingly noted, Heh. I work for cheap. Pay me Montessori pre-school tuition for three kids and I'm your Girl Friday!

Ty-man took that half-joking statement, slept on it, and hired me.

Wow. It does pay to be cheap.

So, not to worry. I didn't run off to Bonaire (yet) or get arrested (yet). I'm just a working girl with not much time on her hands. And the moral of this story?

Don't work for cheap unless you're bored. Or insane.


Hey, Ty-man? About that raise...


Res Ipsa said...

I stopped by because of the title. I own a consulting company as well and I feel your pain. I also have been doing work out at the worlds largest coal mine. Which was part of why your blog caught my attention. There are a ton of people out of work getting some one is going to be a matter of doing a lot of filtering. I think you could do it yourself without the headhunter. Good luck. I know I could get the job done for half what they are asking. No doubt you could as well.

Unknown said...

I have to find a different way to do this, because being dependent on a READER means you don't get reminded when people you care about don't post.

I'm going to have to put your blog on a google page, where I can keep an eye on you.

And good luck with that whole contract thing. Fingers crossed. In fact - everything crossed that won't hurt when crossed.

Avitable said...

If Ty's not careful, you'll be running the joint soon enough.

Miss Britt said...

I get the feeling you've never taken a nap in your life.

Ashlie- Mommycosm said...

That's good and bad all at once. You'll appreciate having saved that much money. Seriously.

But in this economy, there are a TON of people looking for jobs. Ahem, my husband one of them. It's going to get tedious filtering everyone...you know, in your free time, lol.

Good luck :)

Megan said...

There's a saying that if you want something done, give it a busy person. Probably because they're too busy to think about the implications before they answer yes!

Totally feel your pain, but it sounds like it's a good think anyway.

sybil law said...

I'm sure he has a big "raise" in mind!
Can't pull the gutter out of the girl. :)

You so craaazy!

Not Afraid To Use It said...

At least the next time you guys have an argument you can't say he doesn't take your ideas seriously. :)

ADW said...

Just laughing. That's all I can do after reading the last several blog posts of yours.

Little Mrs. Jonesss said...

Employee of the month? I think so!
you should totally ask the most random and awkward questions during your screening process...or something Star Wars related, whichever!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Res Ipsa - Glad you found my site, but sorry it didn't have anything useful on it about coal. :) At last check, my inbox had about 250 hits on eight posted jobs. Yeah, I've got my work cut out for me.

DutchBitch - My idea of a raise is monetary. His? Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about. :)

LceeL - Honey, don't you worry about it. :) Thanks for the crossing luck!

Avitable - Heck yeah!

Miss Britt - Oh, I've napped. But I've felt guilty afterward.

MommyCosm - Hey, wanna move to GA? :)

Finn - You know, I think you're right. We don't have time to think about the implications! After, it's a total forehead slap, but by then, it's too late. :)

Sybil Law - *Eyebrows waggling*

NATUI - Exactly.

ADW - Laughing is a good thing!

Little Mrs. Jonesss - OK. I'm totally doing that. "So, who shot first? Greedo or Han?" Hee hee!

Michael from dadcation.com said...

@miss britt, I don't think I've napped since childhood. I admit this is a problem, however.

I agree with Adam...you're going from the mailroom to the boardroom, sister! Quickly.

You should come to Manual's Friday night. Hang out with Bossy and me. We can bond.