20 August 2010

Blog Mail

Hi! You have reached Heather's blog. She's not in right now because she was too busy yesterday to write about anything of consequence for her blog. Why was she too busy? Well, because she was looking at a smidge of this:

Website credit: http://www.reelmovienews.com/tags/jason-statham/

A bit of this:

© Solarpix/PR Photos

And a lot of this:

©2008-2010 ~Phanoudu91

All during a showing of this:

(Can't see the video above? Get off the Crackbook and click here.)

Give her time. She'll eventually recover. Please leave a comment at the beep and she'll return to the blogverse as soon as she wipes up the dried drool.



sybil law said...

Me likey.

(This might've been a better comment but you passed your "illness" along to me.)

Irrational Dad said...

My sis would leave her hubs in a New York minute (hell, New York SECOND) if Statham knocked on her door.

Grant said...

I want to see The Expendables just because it's starring a bunch of tough guys who are over age 12. I'm sick of the tweenie action stars I've never heard of. Hopefully JS redeems himself in this one. His credibility took a combo-punch from the awful Crank 2 / Death Race releases.

MrsRobbieD said...

I LOVEEEE HIM! I think my husband would share me!! I also think he has a ManCrush on him too ;)

He could Transport me anywhere!!

Jenn said...

HAWT! I swoon.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Sybil Law - Hee hee! I can't seem to talk when presented with pictures of Mr. Statham, either!

Irrational Dad - Ditto!

Avitable - Get in line, bitch!

Grant - Tell me how you really feel hon!

MrsRobbieD - Oh, honey. I'm in full agreement!

Jenn - Ain't it grand?

Janelle said...


marty said...

How did my pictures get on your blog?

MrsRobbieD said...

WOMAN!! Blog before I fry my keyboard from drool!! ;)

Michael from dadcation.com said...

i don't recall giving you permission to publish these pictures, woman.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Janelle - Agreed!

Marty - Hee hee! I'll never tell!

MrsRobbieD - Yes'm!

Muskrat - Whatever. Those are pictures of Marty!