06 August 2010

HeatHer '10: Day 1

The first day of HeatHer '10* was awesome! Three people used the #HeatHer10** hashtag on Twitter! Those three people were me, MrsRobbieD (who, by the way, has the trippiest Twitter homepage background), and Dave, and since I don't really count that means two other people participated! Woo hoo! You, my commenters, promised the following to make our conference awesome:
  • Other HeatHer said she'd bring the margarita mix.
  • Cissa Fireheart guaranteed some fire ants, sand, and napkins. The fire ants, of course, were saved for the HOA Bully's front yard.
  • Lisa brought the poker chips and cards. Blackjack!
  • Finn supplied half a Sephora store. HALF! I'll take the nail polish half, please!
  • And Ms. Sybil Law? Well, she's hauled down the Clinique swag! Woo hoo!
In the wake of all that cool stuff, our conference went fairly well. Here's a breakdown of our happenings. To properly prepare for the awesomeness, I had to put on my Twitter bling:

Miss-Miss led a breakout session on how to properly color Dora the Explorer as a mermaid and the proper proportions of a starfish:

During this session, Dave decided to get creative with his crayons...

Later, Bubba hosted our first HeatHer '10 lunch. It was a poolside theme!

After lunch, J-man gave a keynote speech on snuggling and why we all need to do it more:

And Andy insisted on leading a session entitled Quadripeds: Why they need blogs, too!

Of course, we closed out the day with dinner. And at HeatHer '10? Breakfast is what's for dinner!

We've had a great first-day and hope you can all make it for Day 2 at THE MOST awesome blogging conference EVAH!

*Yes, I realize this is all a sad attempt to make it easier to swallow my voluntary absence from BlogHer '10. But, hey, anything to make the day fun, right? RIGHT?!?

** It's pronounced Heather, remember? It's not Heat-Her. Aw, forget it. ;)


sybil law said...

You totally left out the part where I went skinny dipping during the day, and then drunkenly punched the HOA dude.

Dave2 said...

Now everything smells like bacon.

Grant said...

Can I join in by staying indoors and having vegan snacks? Bacon hurts, but humus is fecking marvelous.

Megan said...


Janelle said...

Sorry that I was a day late to the party. Traffic and all. And my plane was late. Just a total rough start! But so glad to be here! It's just like home. But is smells better here! Smells like bacon :)

Shelli said...

I kinda like Heat her, though. Hmmm...What's on the agenda for today?

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Sybil Law - Oh, you totally got into a Jerry Spring moment with the bully. It was AWESOME!

Dave2 - We, yeah. And that's a good thing.

Grant - Join in, my dear. We take carnivores and herbivores.

Finn - YES!

Janelle - Hey, as long as you make it. That's what counts! :)

Shelli - It's because I'm hawt, right?