05 August 2010

HeatHer '10!

Since BlogHer '10 starts Friday (even though NYC has been inundated with my fellow estrogen-filled constantly-tweeting bandwidth hogs since Tuesday) and I'm not there, I thought I would have my own little conference right here in northwest suburban Atlanta.

Welcome to HeatHer '10!*

(Like that? It's the official HeatHer '10 conference badge. If I had any.)

Here at HeatHer '10, we keep things simple (and we refer to ourselves in the third person):
  • Want drink tickets? Are none. If you want a drink, the coconut rum and Coke is in the fridge. Beer's in the door. Help yourself.
  • Need swag? I think the kids can put some toys in a garbage bag for you to take home. I'll even throw in leftover scrapbook paper. Some old college physics books?
  • Want to try out free products? I'll let you borrow one of my fifty Old Navy t-shirts. I'll even share my deodorant. Pinky-swear.
  • Didn't RSVP a party? We'll be down at the neighborhood pool with a sandwich bag of Goldfish. Now THAT'S a party! And you don't even have to agonize over the perfect BlogHer party outfit!
  • Lunches? Peanut butter and jelly. And there won't be any political bloggers to sneer at your political party choice when you happen to sit at their table because all the other tables are full. (Yes, that happened to me last year at BlogHer '09. By the way, LIBERTARIANS ARE NOT ANARCHISTS, THANKYOUVERYMUCHLIBERALBLOGGERWITHATTITUDE! *Pant, pant*) Just three kids who will stare at you and ask endlessly why you're here.
  • Peanut allergy? The sub sandwiches at the local Publix are pretty good. It isn't a 24 hour NYC deli, but it's cheaper!
  • Keynote speaker? Uh, that'd be me hollering at the kids about why it's bad to hit/steal toys/yell. Just sit back and soak up the knowledge I'll convey via a raised voice and bits of spittle. No microphone or stage here!
So, check out my Twitter happenings for the next few days, because I'll be hashtagging the heck out of #HeatHer10 with hour-by-hour whenever-I-feel-like-it updates of the exciting, crazy blogging conference that will be going on at Casa CofaCMGD. You'll probably see stuff like:

So let's make HeatHer '10 a huge success! That way, I can justify a badge for HeatHer '11. Heh.

*NOTE: Don't pronounce it "heat her" like it's two separate words. It's Heather! My name! But with a second capital H, because I'm trying to compete with BlogHer and... oh, never mind.


Janelle said...

I'm in! Really looking forward to the Keynote speaker. I'm running out of what to say to my own kids, so I'm hoping to pick up a few new catchphrases if you will.

And thanks for clearing up the Heat Her/ Heather thing, but yes, I was like "Heat Her?" Well, it is VERY UNGOLDY hot outside so it's not totally out there.

Yes, I'm a dork.

HEATHER said...

Now see I pronounced it Heat Her because it has been in the upper ninety's every day this week and we keep having heat advisories, so HEAT is on my brain. Or maybe it's been baked by the heat!
Count me in, I'll bring the margarita mix! ;-)

Unknown said...

Beer's in the door? Help yourself? I'm there!

Moxie Fireheart said...

I guess as another HeatHer attendee, I can bring some stuff to give to the other 3 of you....I got some fire ants, left over sand without oil, and extra napkins...
woot! This is AWESOME!! Best. Time. EVAH!!

Lisa said...

I'm in! Since I'm from Reno I can bring the gambling swag - poker chips, decks of cards - although they won't be as cool as Blogography cards. I'm looking forward to lots of squeeeeeeeing and ZOMG! tweets. I don't even care if #Nikonhatesbabies because I'm a Canon girl.

Megan said...

Count me in! I can bring half of a Sephora store (only half because I used the other half) for swag.

MrsRobbieD said...

I'm in the dork crew with Janelle, this mornings tweet I assumed "HEAT her" as well. As the 120 heat index yesterday..I guess it fried my brain.

As for cool stuff..I got nothing.

Unknown said...

Just as I was getting to the end of your post I was thinking to myself, "You know? That's the way her NAME is spelled - pretty cool - conference in HOTlanta called "Heat Her" and it's spelled the same as her name. Is that like a coincidence or what?"

Then I read the last line.

Just slap me toothless and call me Billy.

sybil law said...

I was totally pronouncing it Heat -Her. Because it's hot as hell here, and I am assuming, there. But I like it the way you want it even more. :)

Um, I now see that Janelle already said that.

I would by FAR prefer to hang out with you. I am so coming down there. See you at about 9 o clock tonight. Oh - and I'm bringing my kid. She's 8. She can watch the kids and we'll teach her to fetch us drinks while we sit by the pool. Woohoo!

sybil law said...

Oh! I can bring all my free Clinique crap I never use for swag! There's also some crazy hair product stuff that's really expensive that you KNOW has to rock because it's expensive, right?

Grant said...

I had a Cuban sandwich from the Publix deli and it didn't have any spicy mustard on it. I liken that to devil worship, narcotics abuse, and serial arson, only way more serious. I guess I'll have to stay home this year. Also, my word verification was "tawsfut", which my horoscope said is a bad omen for this week.

Shelli said...

I'm there!!! Can we commence tweeting now?

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Janelle - You know, the name is totally appropriate for this time of year. :)

Other Heather - Sweet!

Teri - Get over here now!

Cissa Fireheart - The fire ants will be donated to the HOA bully. :)

Lisa - HAHA! I'd completely forgotten about that hashtag. AWESOME memories!

Finn - I love Sephora! Bring it!

MrsRobbieD - My brain is fried, too. I understand!

LceeL - You'll enjoy the slapping, won't you? And can you believe it's been a year since we met? Can't believe it!

Sybil Law - Daughter drink fetcher? Bonus! And I LOVE Clinique! Bring it!

Grant - I totally think we should call the cops on that Publix. Deli my ass.

Shelli - Tweet it, baby!

Dave2 said...

My Old Spice and Crayola candle-making breakout session for HeatHer was a huge success!

Next up... paperclip bending art...

Lynda said...

Awesome idea! You make me want to have a LyndaKon!

Lynda said...

Hey, this spam word is alien. A real word!! So I had to leave another comment!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Dave2 - It totally was a success! I know because Miss-Miss just shook her head and said, "Mr. Dave." with a little smile.

Lynda - Ooooo LyndaKon! It's totally got a scifi feel to it!