28 September 2010

Running. Cheaper Than Therapy.

Many, many... MANY years ago (OK, maybe just six.) I was a runner. I replaced my running shoes every 300 miles, I ran various 5 and 10K races, I read Runner's World cover-to-cover (and took notes), and I even tracked my mileage in an Excel spreadsheet. People, I ran 1,882 miles in a five-year time span.


Not only did I run to get into and stay in some sort of decent physical shape, I ran to calm my inner freak show. My favorite t-shirt from way back in those running days of yore expressed the title of this blog post. I wore it quite often. I was proud of the fact that my Adidas Supernovae played therapist while the pavement took my anger, angst, and sadness with nary a whimper or protest. I would use that 30 minutes/3 miles each morning to think through problems, go over to do lists, or just empty my mind. I remember one morning, in particular, after I had failed yet another pregnancy test, when I broke down. I started sobbing and quite literally fell down to the ground and railed at the concrete sidewalk over my hate for God, my ovaries, pink/blue bows on mailboxes, and Pampers commercials. When I had finished my pity party, I got up and ran. Hard.

And then, I stopped. I stopped because even though I eventually found myself pregnant with my hard-won, fertility-drugged twins, I wanted to stay in shape. Six weeks into my first pregnancy, I speed-walked my favorite 3-mile route and discovered I was bleeding. Needless to say, I gave it up. Have you ever tried to run three miles, with hills, while pushing 20 pounds of twins encased in a 30-something pound double jogging stroller? No? Well, I have and I can tell you that's not therapy, that's torture. So, I gave up.

Once the kids started school this year, I dusted off my running shoes, sniffed the armpits of my old Nike running shirts, and purchased my very own copy of Couch to 5k. After seven weeks of the C25K nine-week program, I can proudly tell you that yesterday morning I ran three miles at a 10-minutes-per-mile pace. For the first time in over six years.

I'm back, dear pavement. I'm back. I hope you're ready for some long, drawn-out therapy sessions because HOO-DOGGIES do I have some issues to work through!

Yeah, that picture up there is me with fellow marathoner George Takei. He also played some guy on some sci-fi show back in the 60s. Oh, and Ty-man is in the picture, too.


Amanda said...

Man, Sulu has some short shorts on!

HEATHER said...

OK where was this photo taken? This is just too damn cool!!

Annie said...

Good for you! I'm trying to do C25K, but failing miserably. You never cease to inspire me. Maybe Sophie and I will "do" something today - surely I can keep up with a 4 year old!

Patois42 said...

Go you! Running will surely help you live long and prosper. Oops, wrong character.

MrsRobbieD said...

Im with Annie I made it to week #3 then life got in the way!

Must take it back over and start running/walking again. Because like you said it is therapy and its to nice get away from it all even for a minute or 30!

Grant said...

I laugh at the distance you ran. 1,882 miles? When I was commuting from Sunnyside, I covered more distance than that each month without getting out of my car.

Actually, I was going to proudly blog about the fact that I can now walk 1.6 miles / day at a 20 minute mile pace on my treadmill in my living room with the a/c and fans blasting, up to three full days in a row before I need a break, but now I think I'll talk about something else awesome in my life.

Next time you go jogging with George, ask him who created the Sulu name. Because there are no l's in Japanese.

Megan said...

Good for you!

Can you recommend some decent but not outrageous running shoes? I'm only a treadmill runner, but I have heel spurs and need good, supportive shoes (my cheapie ones make my plantar fascitis act up).

sybil law said...

George's shorts are crazy!!
You look cute as ever, though.
Congrats on running again! I've never understood the runner's "high", but I love that some of my friends love it.

hello haha narf said...

i'm thrilled that you are again able to do something which means so much to you. and i love the way you wrote about it.
go, you!

Unknown said...

You look hot in those shorts.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Amanda - Seriously. You should have been there in person!

Other Heather - This was at the 2003 DragonCon in Atlanta. The guy on the left was in charge of the Trek Trak and had just lost 40 pounds. So, in celebration of losing said weight, George Takei told us Trekkers to meet the next morning for a 1-mile power walk around Atlanta. It was most awesome and my favorite Star Trek memory.

Annie - If I can do it, I know you can hon!

Patois - Hee hee!

MrsRobbieD - You're right! It's like a mini-vacation when your legs move and your mind slows down. :)

Grant - Yeah, I heard way back when that Sulu was a total made-up Japanese name. Which is why we gave said name to our first Siamese cat.

Finn - I, too, had plantar fascitis and after suffering for the longest time, through different pairs of shoes, I was told to see a podiatrist. It's best to invest in orthotics that are fit specifically to your feet. Since then, I've never had a problem. It's not cost-effective, but in the long run will help immensely.

Sybil Law - A runner's high is AWESOME!

Hello Haha Narf - Thanks, hon!

LceeL - Oh, Lou. You're making me blush! :)

Irrational Dad said...

My first thought was "SULU!!!!!!" My second thought was "oh... Sulu, those shorts..."

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Irrational Dad - Yeah. Those shorts were pretty impressive!

Anonymous said...

I just started couch to 5k last week after the doctor gave me the okay after having my son.

I love the running therapy it is awesome!

Shelli said...

That is so awesome. I'm glad you found it again. Me? I'll stick to walking fast. I suck at runnning.