04 February 2011

The Ty-man He is the 39

This morning the Ty-man awoke to the final year of his 30s. Wearing his "Don't Mess With Texas" t-shirt and looking generally disgusted to not be sleeping in on the anniversary of his birth, he smiled as each of our kids wished him very enthusiastic happy birthday wishes. I'm sure when he blows out his candles later today, he'll be dreaming of a conservative America full of shining, happy people. That or a 2012 Corvette C7.

For two whole days, I'm married to an older man. A slightly older disgruntled, yet content, Republican who was recently named the President of his family's company.

Ruffles and Flourishes, people, with a little Hail to the Chief mixed in for good measure.

Happy 39th birthday, my love!


Patois42 said...

Happy birthday to the old man. And happy early birthday to you, old lady.

A Much Older Woman

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, to him. Happy Birthday, also, to you. And many happy returns of the day to you both.

And as far as that whole "Conservative Republican" thing is concerned?

We need him. We need all the Conservatives in order to balance out the Liberals - so we can find our way to the Middle.

sybil law said...

Happy Birthday, TY Man!!

Grant said...

39? Horrible. Nobody should have to live that long.

Give him a kiss from me. Use tongue before announcing the source.

Avitable said...

I think by 39, if you rub his head, you get 10 years of good luck.

Kim - Mommycosm said...

I'm not ready to be that old, lol.

Happy Birthday...to you both in case you're not on here again before yours :)

Megan said...

Happy Birthday, youngin'!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Everyone - Ty-man appreciated the birthday wishes and says "Thanks!"