19 April 2011

Disney Madness

Two weeks ago today, we were in Orlando and recovering from our first day at Magic Kingdom. We hadn't originally planned to spend the kids' spring break at Disney, but our previous plans fell through. So, we decided to brave the Florida heat and spring break crowds for a piece of the mouse action.


I have never, NEVER, seen so many strollers in all my life. Never. Not even from past trips to Disney with just me and the Ty-man do I remember so many strollers. They could have changed Disney World's name to Stroller World and it would have been entirely appropriate. The heat was bearable and I only melted down twice that first day (once on the Small World ride which, I thought, was called for) and the kids melted down five, carry the two, divide by six... about twice each. So, all in all, it was pretty decent.

My most intense memory of the week, though, was the day we trekked over to Epcot. We happened upon Pixie Hollow and while the Ty-man held a place in line FOR AN HOUR (the man is a trooper) to meet Tinkerbell, I took the kids over to meet Vidia and Rosetta. I figured I would usher the kids over, step away, and take some gorgeous pictures of my sweet babies and the cute fairies.

Um, not so much.

J-man instead tried to re-insert himself into the womb (Shy, much?) and refused to even show his face to the two gracious ladies standing in the heat in ridiculous get-ups. I stood there, uncomfortably, trying to allow my other two kids to have a Disney experience without Mama in the middle. Meanwhile Vidia and Rosetta (probably named Prudence and Bunny IRL) were carrying on the most interesting of conversations about flying and fairy races while my youngest attempted to reverse the birthing process.

Let's just all say Thank God for Disney PhotoPass!

That's as far away from my girlie bits as the J-man got. Meanwhile, that look on my face? It says (between clenched teeth) O.M.G. Get me outta this frakking picture. NOW!

Thankfully, after being completely intimidated by Vidia and Rosetta, J-man figured it out with Tinkerbell. I mean, HELLO!, who wouldn't smile like that when confronted with the cutest fairy in all of Pixie Hollow?

Damn skippy.


Chris Burdett said...

Good story and cute pictures.

I never knew, though, that Tinkerbell was the daughter of Fred and Wilma Flintstone. But she's got to be: Look at her! Just look at her!

HEATHER said...

Ok look at Mr. Joe Cool-Bubba with his shades on in the Tink picture! They are all just darling!

Dave2 said...

You could have grabbed a tiara and worked it as a Disney Princess! Win-Win!

Unknown said...

When I saw the first picture I was thinking "WTH? The little ladies man is hiding from pretty fairies?!" Then I saw the second picture. Clearly, he likes his fairies blonde. :-)

Grant said...

Magic kingdom? I've never heard that term for Adam's underpants before. I'll have to remember it for our next meeting.

sybil law said...

Ha! So funny!
Tinkerbell is so sweet!
I never want to go there.

hello haha narf said...

oh how precious those kids are! love the photos, even kind of appreciate that j-man got a little shy since it gave us the opportunity to have your awesome self in the photo. (have to admit that it is cracking me up that smiley j was the shy one...that kid can light up a room with his happy smile.)

also, your husband is a really, really good man.

Unknown said...

Tinkerbell is a bit chesty, eh? No WONDER J-Man got over it. I'm just sayin'. Little dude has it ON.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Chris Burdett - SERIOUSLY! She must be at least a distant cousin.

Other Heather - They wore those sunglasses the entire time we were there. Totally cool!

Dave2 - But then I just would have walked around, in said tiara, demanding people pose with me for pictures. It would have been ugly.

Teri - Oh, yeah! I think you're right! He MUST prefer blondes! ;)

Grant - Actually, we usually refer to Adam's underpants as Animal Kingdom.

Sybil Law - BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Hello Haha Narf - I KNOW! And he's typically the ladies' man! And yeah, Ty is AWESOME!

LceeL - She was totally stacked.