18 December 2007

Holy Crap!


Family coming.... five days!

House.... friggin' trashed!

Kids... sniffly and fevery!

Christmas tree.... undecorated, yet lit!

Presents.... in a pile in my office, unwrapped!

Baking.... nada!

Laundry.... piling up!

Jebus help! It's your birthday, man, but could I have a slight bit of assistance? I'll make you a cake if you'll get down here and decorate the flappin' tree!


Pant, pant, pant. OK. I feel slightly better. I'll be going now....


Unknown said...

Breathe in. Breathe out. You'll be fine. I mean, hell, you guys managed to pull off a great Thanksgiving with you having the strep. And if it's not all done before they get there, hand em a basket of laundry when they come in the door and tell them it's their room and board. :-)

The Ferryman said...

Damn, what do you do all day? :)

Unknown said...

I'm SO glad Christmas is happening at my mother-in-law's instead of my house, though Yule is happening here... I only have a LITTLE work to do. :)

How much can you stuff under the bed or in closets??? :)

terancedubya said...

You have just listed all of the reasons that Christmas happens at other people's houses...let them deal wit it! But seriously, good luck.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

It will all be okay! Here's a few suggestions:

The Tree. Have everyone do the decorations once they get there. Call it a new family tradition--you wanted everyone to feel involved!

The Presents. Hit Big Lots. They have kickass felt gift bags in ALL sizes for super cheap with cute holiday messages on them. You can reuse them year after year to be more environmental. They are especially awesome in the DVD size and the super gigantic size (no paper waste and the babydoll stroller fits in there perfectly.

Laundry? Stuff it in a closet and do it later. I am SURE your kids have more than enough outfits to make it through the holidays. LOL I know ours do.

Vonda said...

Okay girl, I know you have that "Martha Stewart does not live here," sign hanging in your kitchen, but you could have fooled me because you always manage to pull it off beautifully with everything in place along with making everyone feel extra special by all the great homemade things you make for them. How in the world do you have time to do it all??? We miss y'all something terrible! Love ya -V