20 February 2008

Spotted... What?

A while back, my buddy Adam Heath Avitable fulfilled a boyhood dream when a friend sent him a package of Turkish Delight. You know, that stuff that Edmund in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe goes nuts for, the stuff the White Witch uses to entice Edmund. When it's described in the book, it just sounds sooooo good. Well, according to Avitable, the actual Turkish Delight was horrible, as was the follow-up experience with chocolate-covered Turkish Delight.

So, what did I learn from this experience? British snack food cannot be trusted.

Have I heeded this lesson learned through Avitable? No.

Enter spotted dick.

Oh, yes. I kid you not. Raisin sponge pudding is called "spotted dick." I so couldn't pass this up.

The instructions are to insert a knife between the edge of the pudding and the can, run the knife around the pudding (and it's not even a pudding as we Americans imagine pudding - it's a cake, you nutter Brits - CAKE!), plop it out on a plate, and pop it into the microwave for two minutes.

Yeah, that's Mom, who was kind enough to participate in this ill-fated venture. She's not too sure.

The first taste?


Mom's opinion?


Bland. Totally bland as hell. Only the Brits could make a raisin sponge cake, call it pudding, name is after a diseased sexual organ, and after all that, make it taste like crap.

So, the aftermath?

I can honestly say that I'm good if I never have another bite of spotted dick, especially spotted dick from a can (wow, that sounds nasty), in my life.

Avitable? Back to you.


Cocoanut said...

God you crack me up! How did you ever get a can of Spotted Dick in the first place? I've never heard of it. And I might have to borrow a line or 2 from you. The line about the diseased sexual organ almost made me spew coffee on the laptop screen. LOL

Military Mom said...

Um yeah, the last comment? That was me. Clearly I'm going to have to re-think this 2 account thing. See Military Mom for sheepish explanation. Sorry.

Avitable said...

My dreams of seeing Heather with dick in her mouth are realized. Booyah!

Unknown said...

MM stole my first line! I can't believe you ate spotted dick from a freaking can in the first place! :) Though from what I gather, fresh isn't much better...

The Ferryman said...

I have a spotted dick. All you really need is a Sharpie.

RiverPoet said...


My daughter used to work in a little British store in downtown Frederick where they sold all manner of imported British goods, including Spotted Dick. I was never quite brave enough to try it, though I do enjoy scones and "biscuits" (God, just call them cookies!)

I couldn't get past the name...spotted dick....

Glad to know I wasn't missing anything!

Peace - D

Miss Britt said...

I could have told you dick was bad.

But, I suppose, some things you need to learn for yourself.

Unknown said...

Maybe you could use the Spotted Dick to wash down your Checkers fish sandwich?

Cricky said...


Mrs. Booms said...

"Only the Brits could make a raisin sponge cake, call it pudding, name is after a diseased sexual organ, and after all that, make it taste like crap."

This makes it official that I love you in crazy amounts. Too funny.

And I'm entirely upset about the turkish delight. I imagined such wonderful things about it as a kid.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

You are very trusting, thinking that they didn't sneak any real spotted dick into that can. I'm too much of a skeptic. Plus, I don't like raisins.

Gypsy said...

At least it wasn't vegemite.

david mcmahon said...

You should have put some Vegemite on it!!

From memory, I think this traditional dessert is generally served with custard.

Never tried it, never will.

david mcmahon said...

Think you'll enjoy this BBC report from their archives!!


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Military Mom - Honey, it was at the friggin' Kroger! No Lie! PS I knew it was you! :-)

Avitable - Glad to be of service!

Andrea - Yeah, just the name is a put-off.

Fab - Can't I use a stencil pattern and spray paint? :-)

Momma - Yeah, it was, as my father would say, "Like kissing your sister."

Britt - Our mothers always told us it was bad! :-)

Teri - HA!

Just a Girl - Glad to be of service!

Shar - Me too! According to Avitable, it was horrible. Of course, he also eats chocolate-covered burritos. Shouldn't trust him a bit!

OK, Where Was I? - I am too trusting.

Gypsy - Thank God for that!

David - For the American palette, it would need chocolate sauce! And, the link is too funny! "Spotted Richard" - whatever! :-)

Debbielou said...

Hello -stumbled across your Blog which is great ! - from just over the pond in the UK !

Now -Spotted dick pudding should not come out of a tin full stop!It's a traditional pudding from way back in the 1800's ( can also be called spotted dog" - if you get embarrassed)and it HAS to be eaten with custard. It's a shame that you had to experience the Heinz version as it really is not very pleasant and as dry as hell .Heinz do make a chocolate pudding and a treacle pudding but you must have custard!
There are many ways to make it - some better than others but it is actually quite nice( but only if you like currants and raisins)
Amongst our other strange named food equally delicious - why not try - "Toad in the hole" Bubble & Squeak" " Bread & Butter pudding " Crumpets" "Digestive biscuits" "Lardy cake" Jam Roly Poly", a Ploughmans lunch or if you're very brave - "Squashed fly biscuits!!( and they are definitely bicuits and not cookies ! x

Spotted "Richard" will never happen - Long live "Spotted dick" - it's the only bit of fun we stiff lipped Brits get!!

lime said...

visiting from david's place. hilarious post! love the way you summed it up at the end. perfect!

Am'n2Deep said...

Excuse me while I go heave now...

So funny!!

Daryl said...

David sent me .. fun post .. do you know All My Children? One of the characters, a Brit, was once ref'd to as Spotted Dick .. well it was funny when it happened . anyway thanks for the photo .. I know a lot of people who will love seeing this ..

Kat said...

Pass me a bit of that spotted dick. MmmmMmmm!
Came over from David's blog. :)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

debbielou - Thanks for dropping by sweetie and thanks for the "spotted dick" advice. I'm actually going to try to find a recipe for it, make some homemade, and try it again. I just couldn't resist when I saw the can in the grocery store!

lime - Thanks for stopping by! I so owe Dave some props!

am'n2deep - Glad you enjoyed!

daryl e - Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the pictures!

kathryn - Thanks for stopping by, hon!

Rose said...

Okay, I'm rolling on the floor! I always stay away from English "pudding". I never like soggy, tasteless bread with raisins hiding inside. My parents were stationed in England for a few years. That's why they would try to pull out the "pudding"!

And Turkish Delight...forget about it! Double Blech! I stopped by from David's blog -very fun, even hubby liked the picture.

terancedubya said...

You know, I've been working on this new computer I got a couple of days ago, and you have the distinction of being the blogger that made me spew beer all over it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this blog and instantly thought of you:

Calls the blog "Spotted Dick".