09 March 2008

Your Spring Forward Public Service Announcement

I love my friend Toni. We met as sorority sisters, roomed together in college for a year, and have stuck close by one another ever since. I've known her for 18 years. Wow.

We joke that if we had met in high school that she would have made fun of me mercilessly. She was such a little punk and even made one of her teachers cry. Me? Well, you know. Geek, do-gooder, the usual.

But? As collegians? And adults? We both had changed and found one another and are as close as two friends can be.

And Toni? God bless her, but she can never remember when to change her clocks. Twice a year, I have to call her to remind her just as I did yesterday.

Me: Hey, Ton. What are you supposed to do tonight?

Toni: Turn my clocks back/forward one hour.

Me: That's right. Am I off the hook?

Toni: You're off the hook.

See, one year, I was off scuba diving in Bonaire during the spring forward change. I didn't call her because, duh, really expensive international phone call that could instead be spent on a tank of 32% nitrox mix. Well, I returned from my trip a week later and heard aaaaaallll about it.

Toni: Why didn't you call me? (said in a really high-pitched, whiny voice.)

Me: Because I was in Bonaire!

Toni: I know that! That's no excuse! I missed our sorority's state day! I was an hour late! Sara (older, very important, national director-type sorority sister) fussed at me! And you know that's no good.

Me: So, you're telling me the only thing getting me out of calling you to remind you to change your clocks is my death.

Toni: Well, if you die, you have to have someone else call me.

Me: OK. I'll put it in my will.

Anyone want to volunteer for that job?


Not Afraid To Use It said...

Funny!! Maybe that can be a tattoo for her! Don't forget the clocks...

RiverPoet said...

OMG, Heather, that is TOO FUNNY! I've heard of friends being many things to each other, but clock reminders? :-)

That's a new one on me! Hmmm, I wonder who I can make into my daylight savings time beeeotch?

Peace - D

Unknown said...

Would sending her an email count as reminding her? I might forget to call her.

Hell, by the time you die, they may have just done away with DST completely! :)

Mrs. Booms said...

We all need a friend like you!!!

Unknown said...

What happened to the "change your towel of the month" call for me? I just put March up over the weekend...and took down January. Poor little February.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

NATUI - Ooo! Great idea! I'll have to tell her about it...

Momma - Oh, yeah. I've thought about buying her atomic clocks for every room of her house, plus her wrist.

Andrea - Probably not. She has e-mail but doesn't check it everyday.

Betsey - What's your phone number? :-)

Teri - Dude, I forgot all about that. You're on the calendar...