01 January 2009

Happy 2009!

So, I know. I'm a little late with my first post of 2009. We actually got invited to a party at our neighbor's house and managed not to be the pitiful parents of toddlers who call it a night at 10PM after watching classic Trek all evening. Instead, we were adults, with other adults, drinking alcoholic beverages, gabbing, and welcoming in the New Year!

I won't make any resolutions this year. I never do. I will simply decide to live 2009 with as much awareness of the little things as possible.

For most of the month of December, a little scraggly present sat under our tree. It was a gift from Bubba and Miss-Miss and was made with all seriousness at their Montessori school. Their teacher instructed us not to open said gift until Christmas morning and, in fact, we waited until Christmas afternoon when the kids were finished with their gifts and naps. As we opened the present, flat and wrapped with too much tape, I thought it would the the usual construction paper/marker/crayon creation typically made by pre-schoolers. That I would smile and emphatically hug them, display it on the fridge, and eventually put it in the Christmas scrapbook for future memories. What I found instead was this:

A beyond-gorgeous silhouette of Bubba and Miss-Miss, made by a local company, kept secret by our three-year-old sweeties, and wrapped with loving care. It is now proudly displayed on my family room wall.

And I cried sweet tears of joy over the simplest of gifts. It was the best gift I received this holiday.

So, what I hope for all of you in this new year is many tears of joy, smiles, laughs, giggles, and snorts.

I'm sure that's something we could all use.


RiverPoet said...

Oh, it's beautiful! What a great gift.

I wish you all the best this year, my friend....Peace - D

Anonymous said...

That certainly puts the construction paper ornament gift from my kids to shame! That's pretty cool.

Happy New Year :)

Dave2 said...

And the happiest of New Years to you as well!

Anonymous said...

My mother in law has one of these from when my hubby, the last of four boys, was around age 5 - it's all four boys from oldest to youngest. She tears up every time she shows it off to someone new at their house.

What a wonderful present from your little ones, and I hope it brings you years of joy same as it has for my MIL!!

Trukindog said...

And who couldn't use a snort now and then!

Happy New Year Darlin.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

I remember those silhouettes! My cousins had those in their house when they were kids! I am glad to see such wonderful memento coming back into fashion. Enjoy it, honey!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

HEATHER said...

AWW! That is such a wonderful gift! Wow, I'm so surprised that they managed to keep it a secret.
I would love to find someone to do one of my little man.
Happy New Year dear Heather & family!

Violet the Verbose said...

That is *really* beautiful! And I am REALLY impressed with your 3 year-olds for keeping a secret for so long! WOW!

Avitable said...

That's a very cool gift from the kids! That teacher deserves an apple.

Toasty said...

That's so beautiful! Happy New Year CMG... wishing you all the best!

Vonda said...

OH I love it...how precious! We are so blessed aren't we, Heather? Beautiful children and wonderful husbands too!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

RiverPoet - Thanks, hon! Back at you!

MommyCosm - Hey, those ornaments are cool, too!

Dave2 - Thanks, hon!

Giggle Pixie - Now I want to get one made of my J-man! I have the twins' hanging on the wall and I love it!

Trukindog - Snorts are AWESOME!

NATUI - Thanks, hon!

MetalMom - Isn't it?

Other Heather - I know! So far, they're really good about the secret thing.

Violet the Verbose - Me, too!

Avitable - A whole apple tree.

Toasty - You too, hon!

Vonda - We are blessed, hon. :)