18 January 2010

Time Suck

In the midst of the final push to finish this proposal for the Ty-man's customer-from-Hell, being sucked into 24/7 single-motherhood with Ty working 24-hour days (not kidding), I found myself sucked into Listverse. How did I never know of this site's existence? Well, I can honestly tell you that I spent the entire weekend glued to it. I did manage to squeeze some motherhood and household chores in between the Top 10 Places You Can't Go and the Top 10 Greatest Soviet Films, but eating was a stretch.

So, to pass along the love, I give you 10 of my favorite Top 10 lists from Listverse.

I promise, 48 hours of your life is about to disappear.

10. Top 10 Bizarre Artworks - Great white shark in formaldehyde! An unmade bed! Sex dolls! It's riveting stuff.

9. Top 10 Unfortunate or Embarrassing Deaths - Um, yeah. Number 5? Perpetrated by my mom's family. Scared yet?

8. Top 10 Tips to Commit the Perfect Crime - Get schooled.

7. Top 10 Prison Survival Tips - When the previous list fails you.

6. Top 15 Most Disturbing Movies - So, yeah, this is a list of 15, but I have to include it because I've seen number 10 in this list. And it? Was a total mind-f*ck. Thanks, Reed.

5. Top 10 Incurable Diseases - Like I need anything else to keep me awake at night.

4. 10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken - Number 9 freaks me out. Every time.

3. Top 10 Politically Incorrect Kids Books - WTF?!? The Laura Ingalls Wilder books are on this list? Michael Landon would be so pissed.

2. Top 10 Eerie Recordings - Don't listen to these with the lights off.

1. Top 10 Failed Apocalyptic Predictions - Let's hope on December 22, 2012, this becomes a Top 11 list.

There are a ton more. Not kidding. Check out their archives. Don't say I didn't warn you!


HEATHER said...

I'm curious about your mom's family now. More details please!!!

Unknown said...

Yup. Old No. 5 there gave me a case of the butt puckers. Thanks.

sybil law said...

You haven't seen Requiem for a Dream?!
Definitely disturbing.

Patois42 said...

Oh, holy crap. I had to click through. And then I had to follow it on Twitter.

Not Afraid to Use It said...

OMG #9. What else is there to say?