12 September 2007

My Twins' PG-13 Book

Well, not really. The book itself isn't PG-13, but Ty-man and I are. See, I love all of Eric Carle's books (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Grouchy Ladybug, etc.) and one was given to the twins last Christmas called Have you seen my cat? The book is about a little boy looking for his cat. He travels all over the world, to different cultures, asking people he meets if they've seen his cat. He is pointed in the directions of lions, tigers, jaguars, and so on, each time stating, "This is not my cat!" Finally, a couple on a park bench point him in the right direction, and he finds his cat (and her six kittens), declaring "This is my cat!" Thus the book ends.

What makes this book PG-13 is the boy's cat at the end of the book, surrounded by her six kittens. Did the little boy know she was having kittens? Was she missing all this time because she ran off with her feline gigolo, partying and getting knocked up? Ty-man read the book to Bubba and Miss-Miss this morning and we declared, at the same time, "This is my cat and she's a big ho!" Yes, we take a perfectly innocent story, a story that introduces children to different cultures and types of cats, and turn it into something nasty! We have such gutter brains. But, if our minds weren't in the gutter, where would they be? Mine would be in the bottom of my coffee cup and Ty-man's would probably be in the Starship Enterprise. God help us all!


Trenting said...

Eric Carle books are great I read them to both of my kids, own all of them :) I know there are some new ones out now, that I'm sure I don't have, but if I had another kid... well then.. I'd have to invest in the rest..

anthonyandbeth said...

you guys really are hilarious! :)