14 September 2007

Top Ten Things I Can't Live Without

Aaaaannnnnddddd here's this Friday's top ten list (watch out, Mr. Letterman!):

I just absolutely, positively cannot live without the following:

10. Sean Connery. Love him. Don't care that he's 80. He's the man. The sky will go black and I will curl up in a ball the day he leaves this earth.

9. Bonaire. Best diving in this hemisphere. I need frequent trips there to center myself. Yep, Bonaire has to be on this list.

8. Splenda. I sweeten nearly everything with this stuff (OK, well maybe not roast beef). It ROCKS!

7. My Intel MacBook Pro running Mac OS v. 10.4.10 (aka Tiger). Steve Jobs is a god.

6. My iPod nano. See above.

5. Deodorant. I think if I and everyone else had a natural human funk going on, I would probably drop dead from the smell.

4. Spot Shot. One cat with a sensitive stomach and miles of off-white carpet. You figure it out.

3. My friends. They are my extended family who keep me sane.

2. My family, husband, and children. They know me best of all take all my crap, no questions asked. I would collapse into a heap without them.

1. Air conditioning. Yes, air conditioning before children and husband. Sad, I know. "Ma'am! Ma'am! Your house is on fire! We can only save the children and your hubby OR the AC units!" Yep, you guessed it.

(By the way, if you believe number 1, come by my house so I can smack you!)


Not Afraid to Use It said...

Having lived in the ATL, I can DEF see how AC comes before family and friends!! LOL I would probably choose it in that order, too.

Bananas said...

And I am now officially jealous of your MacBook Pro, air conditioning, and that you've been diving in Bonaire!!!