27 September 2007

Watch Out! There's Now a Picture!

Finally, date-night with Ty-man meant nice hair and some makeup. (Makeup for me means lipstick and a minimal application of eye shadow. Hey, it's more than the normal soap and chapstick.) So, since I didn't look like "scary mom of 3" I decided it was time to use Photo Booth on my Mac, take a picture, and allow the world to see what I look like on a decent day. So, there you have it folks. Just take a gander at my profile there over to the right and either admire or shudder. Do what you will.

In honor of my picture now included with my profile, I thought I would forward along a few words of wisdom from my good friend, Chris. Chris is a great guy, very literary and a master of words. Throughout the ten years (jeez, ten?) I've known him, he has always made me laugh with his wit and intelligence. This past June, in response to a lunch invitation and someone not making it because of a "project from hell," Chris responded thusly:

I was trying to remember where in Proverbs the Project from Hell is
described; turns out, as you might expect, it's actually in the Book of

For truly it is the project from Hell:

for its Requirements were Ill-defined,

and its Budget is insufficient,

and it doth require of thee the Time

that is Over thy Regular Time,

and this Time shall be without Pay,

and there will be great gnashing of teeth,

and tearing of clothes, and cursing

of the Project Manager's name,

but the Project Manager shall be on Vacation

someplace that is nicer than where thee art.

Chris, hon, if you're reading this, I love you and know that if you were writing this blog, it would be MUCH more interesting!

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