25 October 2007

I'd Like My Coffee "Leaded" Please!

This morning, like every other morning, I'm sitting in front of the news, holding J-man, and absorbing my one cup of coffee. Ahhhh... Starbucks' anniversary blend, Splenda, bit of hazelnut flavoring, and milk... heaven in a cup.

Over comes Miss-Miss who wants to taste my coffee. I give her a smidgen and she smiles and says, "Yum!" Off she goes.

A few moments later, she returns with Marlin (a little plastic figure of Marlin, Nemo's dad from Finding Nemo).

"Mama! Mama! Mart (her word for Marlin) coffee!" and PLUNK! in he goes.

You've got to be sh*tting me. Marlin is swimming in my coffee. Marlin, a Chinese-made Disney toy, covered in Miss-Miss "I've got a cold because my nose is running like a freight train" germs, is floating in what's left of my small slice of morning heaven. Friggin' wonderful.

After this thought and a moment with a stunned look on my face, I put J-man down, take the mug over to the sink, fish out the fish, rinse him off, and return him to Miss-Miss.

"Tank you, Mama."

I stare at my coffee for a moment, and down it. What the hell. I needed leaded coffee anyway.


The Ferryman said...

You will put anything in your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Yep. That's my wife. Not worrying that miss-miss might be playing with a lead "infected" toy, but that her precious one cup of coffee is tainted. Love ya!

(And yes, we have searched to see if not only the nemo toys are safe, but just about all toys in our home.)

Unknown said...

Busted!! Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that, Big T. And it makes it just that much more priceless that you're the one who called her out on it. :-)

tiny t (aka - pipsqueak)

Not Afraid to Use It said...

Nothing wrong with a little lead--keeps ya grounded!