27 October 2007

October 27 Weekend Quote

In keeping with my Halloween spooky quote theme, I have a poem, written by Kevin Guilfoile, that perfectly describes Ty-man's childhood fear. Ty-man was convinced that the Hee Hee monster lived under his basement stairs. Want to know more? Read on...

Why do builders who build basement stairs
Put spaces between every step?
Aren't they even the Tim-tiny, least bit aware
How a monster-free basement is kept?

Could that pool table nobody's fooled with in years,
Be an alien-probing ER?
Or that hu-midifier you picked up at Sears
A shape-shifting demonical Tsar?

As even the littlest, scared-y kids tell
The odds of a monster-made lair
Increase by a factor of stupid contractor-built
Openings between the stairs.

A highly trained monster will sit there and wait
The good ones aren't easily rankled.
And just when your shivering goosebumps abate
He'll reach out and grab your left ankle.

That's all he'll do, un-
less he's a blue one,
In which case he'll feed on your marrow.

So here is a prayer
To repeat on the stairs
and make trips to the cellar less harrowed:

Lord let me walk in your footprints
May your goodness and grace be my ferry
And if there are monsters with blue tints
I have nothing against being carried!

Have a great pre-Halloween weekend!


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Unknown said...

What the?! Now you're getting spam comments?! That's about as scary as the purple monster under my bed.