10 October 2007

These Kids Are Just Too Cute!

OK, time for kid exploitation! First is Bubba who has been product-testing a new hair product from the makers of YoBaby yogurt. This was one of those slow-motion moments. Ty-man was feeding the twins breakfast, cutting bananas, looked up and in slow motion, yelled, "Nnnnnnnnooooooooo!" Too late, yogurt was smeared, hair was sticky. I think his bangs stayed in the same place all day with no movement. Sugar is a wonder!

Now, on to Miss-Miss. I had gone through my closet and decided I needed a clothes-giveaway/organization overhaul. It was total carnage and Goodwill made out like bandits. I also pulled out a couple of old purses and scarves for the twins to play with. Here is Miss-Miss, strutting her stuff, showing the world that she truly is a princess worthy of our worship and respect!

Lastly is J-man. Our little boy is, like Bubba, a clone of Ty-man. Here he is enjoying his saucer seat toy, playing the piano and generally looking cute.

Hope you've enjoyed these guys! It's late, I'm whipped, and the pictures are the best I could come up with on such short brain-power notice. Blog ya tomorrow!


Vonda said...

Oh Heather, they are so precious, and it was so great seeing y'all last week...what a treat! We already miss you tons. Love ya -V

Unknown said...

Hey Heather the twins look cute as always and j-man looks different since I saw him last!!!! Well schooolg is going allright and I cant wait till my long weekend in a week!!!!! Well ttul bye bye