19 November 2007

Geek Date Night

Not just a date night, ladies and gentlemen, but a geek date night. Last Thursday, Ty-man and I took off for the local movie theater to see what, you ask?

Beowulf? Nope. Not interested in Angelina Jolie's nekid CGI titties.

30 Days of Night? Nah, Ty-man's not a horror buff like moi.

Lions for Lambs? Definitely not. No preachy anti-war flick for us.

No, we went to see The Menagerie.

(I can sense you opening a new window, calling up IMDb.com, trying to remember if you've seen a trailer for a movie called The Menagerie. Don't bother.)

The Menagerie isn't a movie, it was a classic episode of Star Trek. As in Captain Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

See, CBS/Paramount (Star Trek's sugar daddy) has authorized the digital re-mastering of all classic Star Trek episodes. The special effects shots and opening theme music were re-done. The film negatives were cleaned up and pictures made amazingly clear. Here in the Atlanta area, they are shown at 2AM, Saturday mornings. We (and by we I mean us and the kids) watch them in our PJs a few hours later, sprawled on the couch, twins munching on Cheerios, me and Ty doing the coffee gig.

Well, someone at Paramount got the bright idea of showing The Menagerie on the big screen. For two nights only (last Tuesday and Thursday), you could see a classic episode the way Gene Roddenberry (a.k.a. Great Bird of the Galaxy) envisioned it. I'm talkin' realistic planets, cool Enterprise, some serious green-skinned Orion slave-girl action, and every pore on Shatner's face, visible to the nekid eye. Whew. It was hard-core geek. I was spent.

Anyhoo, the theater had about 20 other geeks in it. We all laughed at the parts the general public might scratch their heads over (Scotty muttering under his breath upon hearing that the Enterprise wasn't responding to navigation changes. Ha!) and oohed and aahed over the brightening of colors. Jeffrey Hunter (a.k.a. ill-fated Captain Christopher Pike) looked especially handsome and Spock's eyebrows were ever so slightly on the bushy side.

I'm tellin' ya, ever get a chance to see Star Trek TOS (the original series for you non-geeks) on the big screen? Do it.

Geek out, my friends.


The Ferryman said...

You know...I've seen the trailer for that, and I always wondered who would go see it.

Now I know.

Unknown said...

Nerrrrrrrrrd Alerrrrrrrrt!!!!!

Unknown said...

Dear Pot,



:) I want to see it!

(Oh, and who says dragons don't exhist?!? They're strong enough in our imaginations and in myths and legends to count as real when it comes to totems...)

Unknown said...

Oh, and I added you to my blogroll, but be warned... I love to comment!

Unknown said...

Did I ever tell you about the time I danced with Spock's wife in St. Barth's? Will have to share that story with you someday... and yes, I met Mr. Spock at the same time... He's pretty old!